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  1. Free Agents #34: I Think I Just Got Fired, with Marco Arment - Relay FM

    App developer, podcaster, analyst, and secret entrepreneur Marco Arment joins us to discuss his journey from college to Tumblr, building Instapaper, getting quit-fired, setting out on his own, and working in bursts of productivity.

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  2. Show 624: Ted Leo & Opinions on Shamir

    interviewTed Leo

    This week, Jim and Greg are joined by singer-songwriter Ted Leo in front of an audience at the Goose Island Tap Room in Chicago. Leo gained fame in the early attention with his tuneful yet political approach to punk rock with his band the Pharmacists. But it’s been seven years since Leo’s last album. In that time, he formed a successful collaboration with Aimee Mann as The Both (who were Sound Opinions guests in 2014). But his family also suffered emotional and financial crises, which inform his ambitious new album, The Hanged Man.

    The album’s expansive sound is the product of being able to tinker alone in his new home studio in Rhode Island. No longer on a label, Leo crowdfunded the album through Kickstarter and released it himself. Ted Leo discusses how his personal turmoil affected his music and how his fanbase gave him a lift. He also gives an intimate solo performance of songs from The Hanged Man.

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  3. How Entrepreneurial Management Transforms Culture and Drives Growth - Public lectures and events

    Speaker(s): Eric Ries

    Chair: Dr Lourdes Sosa

    Recorded on 16 November 2017

    Discover how to kick-start innovation and deliver sustained growth, even in highly uncertain environments. Join entrepreneur Eric Ries in conversation with Dr Lourdes Sosa as he discusses his new book The Startup Way. Drawing on his experiences of working with iconic organisations following the release of his international bestseller The Lean Start Up, Ries offers a new framework for entrepreneurial management, showing how the startup ethos can breathe new life into companies of all sizes. Eric Ries (@ericries) is an entrepreneur and author of the international bestseller The Lean Startup. He has founded a number of startups including IMVU, where he served as CTO, and is the founder and current CEO of the Long-Term Stock Exchange. Ries has also advised on business and product strategy for startups, venture capital firms, and large companies, including General Electric, where he partnered to create the FastWorks programme. He has served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Harvard Business School, IDEO, and Pivotal. Lourdes Sosa is Associate Professor in LSE’s Department of Management. She researches technological discontinuities, a pervasive phenomenon in which a radical change in technologies disrupts a market. Prior to academia, Dr Sosa worked in R&D management at General Electric and General Motors.

    The Department of Management (@LSEManagement) is a globally diverse academic community at the heart of the LSE, taking a unique interdisciplinary, academically in-depth approach to the study of management and organisations.

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  4. 5by5 | Back to Work #350: Stacking Stones and Inspiration

    TOPIC: Integrity and Fear.

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  5. We Sell Drills — Do By Friday — Overcast

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  6. Fresh Air: Jimmy Fallon

    The ‘Tonight Show’ host talks with Terry Gross about his new children’s book, being entertaining in times of tragedy, and the biggest thing he learned from his time at ‘SNL.’ Also, TV critic David Bianculli reviews the new Netflix series ‘Mindhunter.’


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  7. Cal Newport | So Good They Can’t Ignore You (Episode 482) • The Art of Charm

    Cal Newport shows us how to cultivate meaningful working lives while debunking the "follow your passion" advice that lesser professors peddle to the masses.

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  8. Ramez Interview



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  9. 203: Perfect Six with David Sparks

    David Sparks, a.k.a. MacSparky, joins Brett for a Top-3-Picks-only episode.

    And of course to talk about the new book they co-wrote.

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  10. 5by5 | Back to Work #343: Lo Sierra Mucho

    TOPIC: Publix Hustle

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