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  1. Moonshot Thinking to Unleash Innovation - Public lectures and events

    Speaker(s): Dr Pablo Rodriguez

    Chair: Professor Milan Vojnovic

    Recorded on 10 January 2018 at Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

    Innovation in most large companies these days is fairly incremental. There is nothing inherently wrong in this, as much of our progress as a society has resulted from such innovation. Over recent years, however, we are seeing a radical departure from incremental innovation. Instead, we look at organisations who intentionally set extremely ambitious innovation objectives, where incremental innovation cannot get the job done. The focus of this talk is to discuss the ways in which organisations mobilise resources to go after bold objectives which can move the needle: Moonshots. These are not incremental innovation activities, but instead multi-year missions that mobilise extensive scientific and technological resources to expand the horizons for both organizations and societies, and transform both in the process. From the original Apollo mission, the original IBM 360 mainframe computer, NASA, DARPA, Google X, or Telefonica´s new spinoff company — Alpha, more and more organizations are trying to inductively develop a coherent approach to creating and executing organisational moonshots. A major driving force to tackle Moonshots is the incredible advances in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. It is widely believed that global human progress depends on the collection and analysis of data to fuel our increasingly digital world. There is tangible benefit including economic opportunity to be gained. But arguably most important, is data as a force for global and impactful social good and, here, the possibilities are endless. Pablo Rodriguez (@pabloryr) is the CEO of Alpha. Prior to Alpha, Pablo led Telefonica´s corporate research lab and incubator. He has worked in several Silicon Valley startups and corporations including Inktomi, Microsoft Research and Bell-Labs. His current interests are privacy and personal data, re-thinking the Internet ecosystem and network economics. He has co-founded the Data Transparency Lab, an NGO to drive data privacy and transparency. He is on the advisory board of Akamai, EPFL, and IMDEA Networks. He has worked with chef Ferran Adria (El Bulli) on computational gastronomy and with F.C. Barcelona applying data science to soccer. He received his Ph.D. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He is an IEEE Fellow and an ACM Fellow. Milan Vojnovic is Professor of Data Science with the Department of Statistics and the MSc in Data Science Programme Director. SEDS (@SEDS_LSE) is an interdisciplinary research unit established to foster the study of data science and new forms of data with a focus on its social, economic, and political aspects. SEDS aims to host, facilitate, and promote research in social and economic data science.

    SEDS is a collaboration between the Departments of Statistics, Methodology and Mathematics.

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  2. SPEZIAL (Gast: Hazel Brugger)

    Über sexuelle Belästigung.

    Original video:
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  3. Hazel Brugger

    Sie sei „die böseste Frau der Schweiz“, schreibt die Presse. Was vermutlich besagen soll, dass es nicht nur lustig ist, wenn Hazel Brugger auf Comedy-Bühnen steht und über Säuglinge in Brotgröße, den Zusammenhang verwesender Schnittblumen und Beziehungen sowie den Tod spricht. „Hazel Brugger passiert“ heißt ihr aktuelles Programm. Könnte aber auch das allgemeine Motto der Schweizerin sein, die TV-Zuschauer als Außenreporterin der „Heute Show“ kennen. Und die auch sonst gerade so ziemlich alle Kabarett- und Comedy-Preise abräumt, die es im deutschsprachigen Raum gibt. Sei einiger Zeit lebt Hazel Brugger in Köln. Ein Spaziergang am Rhein inklusive späterem Verfransen in der Dunkelheit sowie einem Gespräch über Liza Simpson, Saxofonunterricht, Hühnerhals-Einkauf-Defizite, Frauen in der Comedy, Melancholie, Hirnamputation und den Tod.

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  4. 037: MarsEdit, with Daniel Jalkut and John Gruber

    Rene speaks with MarsEdit developer, Daniel Jalkut, and John Gruber of Daring Fireball about the history and release of MarsEdit 4, blogging tools, the Mac App Store, and more. Links:

    MarsEdit 4 first look on iMore

    Red Sweater Software

    Daring Fireball

    Daniel Jalkut on Twitter

    John Gruber on Twitter


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  5. 5by5 | Back to Work #354: One Whale

    This week, Dan and Merlin talk about (partial) resolution to Dan’s Apple TV bug and more.

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  6. 287: Dad Talk Show - ShopTalk


    One Month


    One Month’s online courses can help you become a web developer, level up your career, or make a mark on the world. One Month was started by two Columbia University professors whose lives both changed when they taught themselves to code.

    In each One Month course you’ll make four real world projects that you can use for your portfolio like WordPress themes, React apps, Android mobile apps, and more! Over 70,000 students - including dev teams at Google, Stripe, Razorfish, Bloomberg and Facebook - have taken One Month’s courses.

    Right now, Shop Talk listeners get a special 25% on all One Month courses. Enroll today!

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  7. The Incomparable | I Tried to Quit This Book Twice (Episode 359)

    Looking for a good science fiction or fantasy book to read? Have we got a list for you. Our intrepid panel read all the novels nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards this year—eight in total—and has returned with the results. No spoilers, but we’ll share our feelings about all eight books. With any luck, you’ll come out with one, or four, or eight books to add to your reading list.

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  8. 5by5 | Back to Work #351: Your Chest Is a Tunnel

    351: Your Chest Is a Tunnel

    November 21, 2017 at 3:15PM •

    1 hour 30 minutes •

    Wiki Entry

    This week, your hosts discuss: holiday disruptions, life patterns, the joys of regularity, discovering unnecessary existential vulnerabilities, scheduling as a video game, getting your head around sous vide cooking, modern kids’ arithmetic, CBD dosage stuff, using the Sway app, meditation for improving attention management, dealing with the character who speaks your internal voice, some hot tips on starting meditation, a historical video series Merlin’s family likes, a quest for a typeface, nostalgia for teeny tiny fonts, a listener question about how to end a conference call, a recommendation for Netflix’s The Punisher, and some angry attempts to conceal ma’ secret formular.

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    Show Notes & Links

    Presented by CacheFly

    SwayPAUSERadiohead – Man of War (Piano Cover) - YouTubeRadiohead – Paranoid Android (Piano Cover) - YouTube5by5 | Back to Work #331: Hidden in WigsHow does Amtrak deal with time changes? - One Mile at a TimeFood Safety Talk 79: You’re Into Botulism Country (with Merlin Mann) — Food Safety TalkMerlin Mann joins Don and Ben for a discussion on food safety and cooking using science at home.

    Food Safety Talk 85: I’m the jerky police — Food Safety TalkHD & 4K Thanksgiving Videos - VideoBlocks: Royalty-Free Thanksgiving Stock FootageHD & 4K Revenge Videos - VideoBlocks: Royalty-Free Revenge Stock FootageHD & 4K Food Poisoning Videos - VideoBlocks: Royalty-Free Food Poisoning Stock FootageHD & 4K Podcast Videos - VideoBlocks: Royalty-Free Podcast Stock FootageAn Introduction to Mindfulness MeditationHow To Start a Meditation PracticeAncient Rome in 20 minutes - YouTubeAncient Greece in 18 minutes - YouTubeSilkscreen is a small free font for your Web graphicsDownload Sevenet 7 FontMini 7 - Desktop font « MyFontsDIN 1451 - WikipediaJon Bernthal - WikipediaElizabeth Olsen - WikipediaCreate New Customer AccountFormular - Webfont & Desktop font « MyFontsFormular Fonts by Brownfox » FontspringItem 17233 - Oral Dispenser with Tip Cap, Comar®, 1mL - Amber

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  9. Free Agents #34: I Think I Just Got Fired, with Marco Arment - Relay FM

    App developer, podcaster, analyst, and secret entrepreneur Marco Arment joins us to discuss his journey from college to Tumblr, building Instapaper, getting quit-fired, setting out on his own, and working in bursts of productivity.

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  10. Show 624: Ted Leo & Opinions on Shamir

    interviewTed Leo

    This week, Jim and Greg are joined by singer-songwriter Ted Leo in front of an audience at the Goose Island Tap Room in Chicago. Leo gained fame in the early attention with his tuneful yet political approach to punk rock with his band the Pharmacists. But it’s been seven years since Leo’s last album. In that time, he formed a successful collaboration with Aimee Mann as The Both (who were Sound Opinions guests in 2014). But his family also suffered emotional and financial crises, which inform his ambitious new album, The Hanged Man.

    The album’s expansive sound is the product of being able to tinker alone in his new home studio in Rhode Island. No longer on a label, Leo crowdfunded the album through Kickstarter and released it himself. Ted Leo discusses how his personal turmoil affected his music and how his fanbase gave him a lift. He also gives an intimate solo performance of songs from The Hanged Man.

    More interviewsShareTweetartistTed LeoplaceGoose Island Tap RoomplaceChicagoartist[Ted Leo and] the PharmacistsartistAimee MannartistThe BothalbumThe Hanged ManplaceRhode Island

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