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  1. Get Out of Your Own Way: Challenging Your Mindsets and Behaviors

    Several common barriers to developing strong network relationships—and ways to overcome them.

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  2. 126  |  FlowingData with Nathan Yau – Data Stories


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    [If you enjoy listening to our show, please consider supporting us on Patreon or sending us a one-time donation through Paypal. Data Stories runs thanks to your financial support!]

    We have Nathan Yau with us on the show to talk about his mythical FlowingData blog. Nathan was one of the first people to write a blog about data and visualization, and he is one of the very few who continues to blog virtually every day after more than ten years.

    If you want to know what has happened lately in visualization, you can’t go wrong by visiting his site. It’s very comprehensive and never misses a beat.

    On the show, we talk about how and why Nathan started FlowingData, the evolution of the blog and visualization over the years, his data visualization projects and membership program, and the secret “sauce” behind his persistence!

    Enjoy the show!


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    Visual Storytelling w/ Alberto Cairo and Robert Kosara

    Re-designing Visualizations on #MakeoverMonday with Andy Kriebel and Andy Cotgreave

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  3. TPD 156 - Merlin Mann “An Old Man’s Reframe”

    For the 4 year anniversary episode of TPD, it was my pleasure to have been joined by one of my favorite podcasters of all time - Merlin Mann!  I talk with Merlin about his history in podcasting, working with his co-hosts, the difference in his shows and some of his favorite podcasts!   If you enjoyed this episode, please consider supporting TPD on Patreon! Links Merlin Mann (Twitter) (Blog) 43 Folders 

    Getting Things Done, by David Allen Macbreak Weekly Ep. 7 Merlin’s Podstand Reconciliable Differences Ep. 2 Merlin’s Cat You Look Nice Today "Parlor Parlor" John Roderick Interview You Look Nice Today Roderick on the Line Back to Work Reconciliable Differences Do by Friday

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  4. Song Exploder | Episode 28: The Long Winters

    John Roderick of The Long Winters tells the story of how the song "The Commander Thinks Aloud" was made.


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  5. Episode #133 – Bullet to the Head The Flop House

    "A great listen for movie fans…"

    —The New York Times

    "The Internet is studded with geeks mocking bad movies from the safety of their podcasts, but The Flop House might just be the best of the bunch."

    —The Onion A.V. Club

    Pick - Entertainment Weekly’s "Must List"

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  6. The Magic Show - This American Life

    Former kid magicians Ira Glass and David Kestenbaum dive back into the world of magic.

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  7. Hosting & Servers — Heroku, Now, Galaxy, Digital Ocean, Linode, Docker, Netlify and more! — Syntax Podcast 029

    Xojo — Sponsor

    Xojo is a cross-platform development tool for creating native apps for desktop, mobile, web and Raspberry Pi.

    With Xojo you really can write just one version of your app, say, on the Mac, click a button, and have a completely native Windows version too.

    Xojo lets you abstract yourself from specific platform details, so you can focus on what makes your app unique. All apps have completely native controls, even if they weren’t developed on that platform. Just use drag and drop to create your user interface, and one language to program the functionality.

    Users also include Fortune 500 companies, citizen developers, professional developers, IT, hobbyists and students - anyone who wants to build apps faster.

    Listeners of this show get 20% off with the coupon code SYNTAX over at

    Show Notes

    Take a drink every time Wes says exactly


    CSS Grid course is out!


    The most basic hosting / services, Medium, Wix, Squarespace


    Your Cheap PHP/Apache Hosts

    Endurance International Group owns most of the cheap web hosting world


    Bluehost doing shady stuff

    Siteground seems p good


    Service Based Hosting


    Zeit’s Now



    What does "spinning down" mean?

    Deploying to these services


    How these services do instant cut-overs to new servers

    SSL Certificates


    You should listen to the

    Our Stacks Explained episode.

    Zeit’s Now Alias

    mLab MongoDB Hosting

    Compose MongoDB Hosting


    Raw Server Space


    Digital Ocean


    Digital Ocean Droplets

    Digital Ocean’s docs are 👌👌👌👌


    What is Nginx?!

    Let’s Encrypt

    Mozilla’s SSL config generator

    Caddy Server




    SPA Apps - React, Angular, Vue…

    How to handle Routing




    Magnetic Magsafe-life USB cable for micro USB, USB-c and Lightning


    Magsafe-like USB that can handle a 87w Macbook Pro




    Bulk Supplements

    Shameless Plugs


    Levelup Tutorials Pro


    CSS Grid Course

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    Scott’s Twitter

    Make sure to include

    @SyntaxFM in your tweets

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  8. 187: Productive Cognition with Luc Beaudoin

    Brett is joined this week by Luc Beaudoin, an affective cognitive scientist

    focusing on cognitive productivity in his research, development, writing,

    and training services. A lively discussion of productivity, sleep, and

    memory ensues…

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  9. Christopher Steele, the Man Behind the Trump Dossier | The New Yorker

    How the ex-spy tried to warn the world about Trump’s ties to Russia.

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  10. Aus der Redaktion: «Der digitale Diktator»

    Journalistinnen und Reporter der Republik reden über ihre Arbeit. Dieses Mal: Hintergründe zur digitalen Demokratie in Italien. Adrienne Fichter im Gespräch mit Thom Nagy.

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