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  1. Hyperion

    The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas, Show 1.

    "As was discussed earlier, I have had problems over the years trying to understand why there was so much hype about Dan Simmons’ Hyperion being such an outstanding novel, so I figured that’d be a good topic for a first show."

    From http://www.kickassmysticninjas.com/2005/10/16/show-1-hyperion/

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  2. Hypersonic Tales Presents: Number Six by Adam Callaway

    Science Fiction story. A gamma ray burst is heading for Earth. Full text of story at: http://www.hypersonictales.com/hypersonic2/index.php?slab=number-six

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  3. Hypersonic Tales Presents: Nightfall by Jason E Rolfe

    Short story. Themes dealt with include robotics, creation, the soul, the nature of existence. Full text of story at http://www.hypersonictales.com/hypersonic2/index.php?slab=nightfall

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  4. Hypersonic Tales Presents: Phase Six by Peter Andrews

    Science fiction story. A near fatal injury leads to stunning transformation. Full text of the story is available at: http://www.hypersonictales.com/hypersonic2/index.php?slab=phase-six

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  5. Hypersonic Tales Presents: Mind Bleed by Penelope Friday

    More science fiction of the mind with a theme on memory. Full text of the story is available at: http://www.hypersonictales.com/hypersonic2/index.php?slab=mind-bleed

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  6. Hypersonic Tales Presents: Policy Woes by Aaron Polson

    Science fiction tale.Insurance, death, rebirth, and regret. Full text of article at http://www.hypersonictales.com/hypersonic2/index.php?slab=policy-woes

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