Destiny Reviews Andrew Tate Debate, Fact Checked His Opponent And Realizes His MISTAKE

Destiny reviews his debate on Andrew Tate on JustPearlyThings podcast, breaks down arguments, fact checks and reviews the CCTV footage…

Date: 12 Feb, 2023


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00:00:00 Teasers / Intro 00:01:05 Destiny reviews Andrew Tate debate on JustPearlyThings podcast 00:06:41 Cops will arrest you even in US 00:10:55 Reasonable suspicion of crime to detain someone 00:33:45 Ukraine war has nothing to do w/ Andrew Tate 00:38:19 US slavery and KKK has nothing do w/ Andrew Tate 00:42:11 Commiting fraud 'slang' defense 00:51:38 Cherrypicking quotes 01:02:33 Lay witnesses vs expert witnesses 01:22:03 police should do an investigation but people do self snitch 01:38:08 Marriage and reason for alimony 01:54:05 Destiny didn't even say that 02:11:06 CCTV footage 02:16:50 Romanian resident reaches out to Destiny 02:26:35 Destiny realized his entire angle halfway through debate

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