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  1. Biohacking - An Overview

    Biological systems are large assemblies of parts that function together following rules of basic chemistry. As systems, they can be studied, modified, and engineered for novel purposes. DNA molecules contain the information used to encode living systems, and methods exist for discovering and manipulating this information. This talk will cover the basic components of biological systems, including how DNA can be modified to make new proteins or genetically modified organisms, such as fluorescent mice, therapeutic viruses, or bacteria that eat explosives or smell like bananas.

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  2. Terence Tao on the Beauty of Prime Numbers

    Former child prodigy Terence Tao has become one of the world's greatest living mathematicians. At 24 he became the youngest person ever appointed full professor at UCLA, and at the tender age of 31 he was awarded mathematics' highest honour, the Fields Medal.

    Back in his childhood home of Australia, he visited the ANU to deliver this fascinating talk about one of his favourite subjects, prime numbers.

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  3. Codebreaking in everyday life

    Everything we buy, from books to baked beans, has a product code printed on it. More sophisticated check-digit codes exist on official documents, bank notes and air tickets. What are they for and what do they mean? We take a look at the mathematical structure of these codes and explain their purposes. And in this age of boundless surveillance, are there enough numbers for each of us to have a serial number of our own?

    Talk given by Professor John D Barrow FRS

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  4. [Podcast] Episode #7: Ryan Singer on the 37signals design process

    "Ryan Singer, who manages 37signals’ products and leads the design team, talks about the company’s design process. He discusses how the design team works with each other and collaborates with programmers. He gives advice to other design/development teams on how to work together smoothly. …"


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  5. Bootstrapping Lessons From 37 Signals — The Jason Fried Interview

    Over a million people use the web-based applications that 37 Signals built. Many of them are paying customers. So I called up the company's co-founder, Jason Fried, and asked him to teach us how 37 Signals does it.

    Here are some of my notes from the interview.

    You don't need money

    Lack of money, Jason says, forces you to focus on building something that works. It forces you to find ways to earn money, instead of amusing yourself with projects that are just fun or interesting.

    Become a teacher

    Teaching is 37 Signals's marketing. It's what get helped them build the audience that uses their products and generates their revenue. Jason says his company thinks like the top chefs who know that teaching on TV enhances their reputation and builds a following.

    Get a voice

    37 Signals has one of the most respected blogs in the business, but you don't have to be a blogger you just need a voice. Find your medium—audio, video, whatever—and let your voice be heard.

    Charge for subscriptions

    Too many internet entrepreneurs are afraid to charge their users. If 37 Signals didn't get any new users this month, it would still have revenues because its business is built on a subscription fee.

    Be well-rounded

    37 Signals hires people who are more than "just programmers," or "just designers," or "just" anything else. Jason says that people who cultivate non-work interests can bring in new ideas can bring in new ideas from outside their industries.

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