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  1. Responsive Retrofits «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    Need to make your site mobile-friendly but have limited resources? Consider a responsive retrofit! Emily and Lea talk about all the different ways a site can be made mobile-friendly, including the process of retrofitting, how to decide whether a complete redesign is necessary instead, and samples of all the mobile projects in between to fit the goals of the audience AND your client.

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  2. 045: With Harry Roberts - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by Harry Roberts of CSS Wizardy. Harry does a lot of writing about CSS architecture and writing good CSS. He has a fancy title at BSkyB and has worked on apps such as Faavorite. We talk about (roughly in order):


    To use or not to use ID’s, the saga. (1) (2) (3) (4)

    Changes afoot for Ellis Labs / Expression Engine

    Q & A

    In search of the ah-ha moment for preprocessors. (For Harry, variables in inuit.css)

    What sort of planning process do you go through to prepare yourselves to write efficient code on large projects?

    How do CSS transforms interplay with normal CSS properties like height/width and top/left?

    Newly added styles have a way of just being append to end of stylesheet. Are there organizational principals to help with that?

    There are lots of new awesome workflow tools for Mac, what about Windows and Linux?

    Is there some kind of tool to automate making CSS IE compatible?


    Environments for Humans – InControl 2013 in Orlando is going to be fantastic! Both Dave and Chris will be there. Save $100 with coupon code SHOPTALKSHOW

    More Harry


    045: with Harry Roberts [ 1:02:46 ] Download

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  3. Episode #021 | The Back to Front Show

    Like the proverbial phoenix we have risen! Kieran is back and we finally wish each other a happy new year. This episode we try and get to the bottom of why we weren’t nominated for a Net Award, this as you might imagine takes a while. We ask the the other burning question of the week, that being is Harry Roberts (the one and only CSS Wizard) really under 25. We also manage to chat about some of the recent happenings in the web industry – no really we do. It’s good to be back.

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  4. Jina Bolton – Creating sexy stylesheets

    Being a CSS expert is about more than just memorizing selectors. It’s also about working to improve the maintainability and efficiency of your style sheets, planning for the future, and mastering your workflow. This session will look at pushing the limits of CSS to create stunning interfaces using clean, meaningful markup. We’ll also look at CSS 3 and at what the future of Web design could look like when CSS 3 finally becomes mainstream.

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  5. Book Review: A Book Apart - HTML5 & CSS3 Editions | Unmatched Style

    Review of A Book Apart editions; HTML5 For Web Designers & CSS3 For Web Designers. Plus a book giveaway!

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  6. Webstock 08: Dan Cederholm - More ‘WOW’ please

    At Webstock 2008, Dan Cederholm discussed some of the details on the Web that personally “wow” him and why.

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  7. 021: With Nicole Sullivan - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by Nicole Sullivan, a long time web veteran, originator of OOCSS, CSS lint, and tons more. Nicole is definitely a thought leader in the modern web development world who is often ahead of us all. We’ve watched OOCSS start out as this abstract and highly criticized concept turn into a pretty commonplace practice on large sites. We talk about (roughly in order):


    • Matt Wilcox on The Responsive Images Problem
    • IE 7 Tax – Company literally charging 6.8% more for products they sell online if browser is IE 7.

    Q & A

    • Isn’t OOCSS just moving CSS bloat into HTML bloat?
    • Is there going to be a book on OOCSS?
    • Recognizing when many elements have the same classes, and making a new class that @extends the old ones.
    • Can you use the body element like you would a page-wrapping div?
    • What tools to we suggest for validation in the modern world, especially as part of a workflow?
    • How does SMACSS compare/contrast to OOCSS?
    • When do you call yourself a professional designer or developer?
    • How about universally setting elements to position: relative;

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  8. Webvisions: Going Fast on the Slow Mobile Web

    Webvisions 2008 Going Fast on the Slow Mobile Web Speaker: Jason Grigsby

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  9. Aarron Walter

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  10. 5BY5 | The Web Ahead #18: CSS with Eric Meyer

    5BY5 - The Web Ahead #18: CSS with Eric Meyer

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