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  1. Ali Abdaal - The Keys to Joyful Work and Being Batman (or Professor X)

    Ali Abdaal is a doctor turned YouTuber turned bestselling author of the brand new book "Feel Good Productivity" and he is the world's most-followed productivity expert. Pre-order Ali Abdaal's amazing book:


    00:00 - Start
    00:16 - Burnout
    01:46 - What took so long in creating a YouTube Channel?
    03:59 - The seeds were planted early
    05:32 - The Prodigy Effect
    07:06 - Ali's hidden gem video
    09:43 - Meat per minute
    12:57 - What book stood out in the Book Club Series
    16:34 - The Batman Effect
    19:56 - What's a book you love but haven't talked about much
    22:19 - How Ali's note taking evolved
    24:28 - Ali's relationship with Obsidian
    26:18 - Schedule your breaks
    30:15 - Burnout
    38:32 - The Reitoff Principle
    41:54 - Ali's Influences and role models
    45:33 - Permission List
    50:17 - Deciding to create this podcast
    51:54 - What would researchers have noticed if they observed you at…

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  2. #371 – Max Tegmark: The Case for Halting AI Development | Lex Fridman Podcast

    Max Tegmark is a physicist and AI researcher at MIT, co-founder of the Future of Life Institute, and author of Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: – Notion: – InsideTracker: to get 20% off – Indeed: to get $75 credit EPISODE LINKS: Max’s Twitter: Max’s Website: Pause Giant AI Experiments (open letter): Future of Life Institute: Books and resources mentioned: 1. Life 3.0 (book): 2. Meditations on Moloch (essay): 3. Nuclear winter paper: PODCAST INFO: Podcast website:


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  3. Stoicism and Christianity

    Stoicism is experiencing a cultural moment, especially among Millennial techies. What is this ancient school of philosophy? Why is it experiencing a revival? And how does it compare to Christianity? Bishop Barron discusses all that and more in today's episode of the "Word on Fire Show."

    A listener asks if the word "holy" means set apart for a particular purpose, what exactly does it mean when we say God himself is holy?


    "The Obstacle is the Way" by Ryan Holiday: "Ego is the Enemy" by Ryan Holiday: "The Porch and the Cross" by Dr. Kevin Vost:


    Subscribe to this Channel: Word on Fire Institute Channel: Word on Fire en Español Channel:


    Word on Fire: Word on Fire Institute: FREE Daily Gospel Reflections (English or Español):

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    Bishop Barron Instagram: Bishop Barron Facebook: Bishop Barron Twitter:

    Word on Fire Instagram: Word on Fire Facebook: Word on Fire Twitter: https://bit….

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  4. Zangshod Dorje: “Sustaining Great Effort - A Buddhist Approach” | Talks at Google

    Bodhi Lama Zangshod has spent over a decade studying Tibetan Buddhism closely under his root teacher, his eminence Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche. As a caretaker of the Dzogchen Retreat Center, Zangshod maintains a demanding schedule of rigorous physical and mental activity.

    Learn more at

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