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  1. How to Chop, Stack and Burn Wood | To the best of our KNOWLEDGE

    You’d never think a book about chopping and burning wood would turn into a runaway bestseller, but Lars Mytting’s "Norwegian Wood" is a publishing sensation in Scandinavia. Lars gathers the collected wisdom on everything from how to build a smokeless fire to the art of choosing a husband based on his wood pile.  


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  2. TD Dawn Patrol - 006 - Born with a Keyboard in My Mouth

    With Gabe and Potatowire out, Bob and Erik trudge on by themselves. They talk about decaffeinating, fitness trackers, RSI, ergonomic mice and keyboards, learning to type, alternate input methods, VR, helmet mounted sights, modular smartphones, smartwatch battery life, devices that improve over time, discarding (not-so-old) devices, and what Erik’s doing with his first-gen iPhone.


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  3. Technical Difficulties - 080 - A History of Computing with Dr. Drang

    Dr. Drang returns to explore his background in computing from the late 1970s to today. Along the way we discover what happens when you mess up a punchcard, what Linux was like in the early days, why he uses a Mac today, and his perspectives on the near future of computing.


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  4. TD Dawn Patrol - 005 - So Bob Bought a Fanny Pack

    Gabe is nowhere to be found, but Bob, Erik and Potatowire charge ahead anyway. Together they discuss why there wasn’t an episode last week, Bob’s new fanny pack, the Toshiba Chromebook 2, Chrome OS, touchscreens, platforms, commuting, and Heretics.


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  5. TD Dawn Patrol - 004 - Oops, I Bought a Submarine Car

    With Bob out on his honeymoon and Erik calling in from the front seat of his car in a hotel parking lot, the guys look at the state of desktop and streaming audio services, and talk a bit about wireless service provider lock-in.


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  6. TD Dawn Patrol - 002 - Handfeel

    Stuck in a hotel room in San Diego, Erik tries to find a working microphone and cell connection. Eventually he joins Dawn Patrol for their second episode, which largely focuses on Gabe’s shiny new iPhone 6 Plus and its implications for the future of humanity.


    —Huffduffed by techdiffpodcast

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