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  1. How to Chop, Stack and Burn Wood | To the best of our KNOWLEDGE

    You’d never think a book about chopping and burning wood would turn into a runaway bestseller, but Lars Mytting’s "Norwegian Wood" is a publishing sensation in Scandinavia. Lars gathers the collected wisdom on everything from how to build a smokeless fire to the art of choosing a husband based on his wood pile.

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  2. TD Dawn Patrol - 015 - The Beep of Death

    Gabe, Erik, and Potatowire discuss file storage and time travel literature. Along the way, they touch on Erik’s broken DAS, Crashplan restore speeds, Gabe’s new Synology, WD Blacks vs. Reds, SMART Failures, two-factor authentication, building your own NAS from first principles, thumb drives, digital hoarding, bullet-time, hyperlapse, and the utopian optimism of Paul Verhoven’s RoboCop.

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  3. TD Dawn Patrol - 014 - It’s 2015 and We’re Still Talking about Email

    Gabe, Erik, and Potatowire talk about bringing their mobile email workflow into the 21st century. Along the way, they discuss circumventing ancient work browsers with portable Firefox and Chrome, collaborative TaskPaper workflows, Erik’s Sunrise, Evernote, Todoist, and CloudMagic combination, using enterprise Exchange servers with your iPhone, mobile email search, sorting email vs searching through the big bucket, FastMail on, filtering email notifications, and how old everyone is now.

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  4. TD Dawn Patrol - 010 - Stupid Like a Fox

    It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and Bob, Potatowire and Erik get together to chat about some of their newest devices. Erik laments that his WeMo stack is stuck at Bob’s house, Potatowire ponders building a fleet of solar-powered Arduino-based WeMo replacements, then Bob explains why he’s buying an NVIDIA Shield instead of the Nexus 9, discusses what it’s like to use a keyboard and mouse with his 13-inch Wacom Cintiq, and talks about his new Note 4 doesn’t disappoint him. Potatowire moves on to explain why he finally ordered a Nexus 6, before the guys discuss the pros and cons of the Toshiba Chromebook 2 vs. the Acer C720, chroagh vs. crouton, i3 vs. other window managers. Finally, Erik talks about trying out Nozbe, Mailbox, Cloud Magic, Acompli, and concurrent inbox management solutions.

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  5. TD Dawn Patrol - 009 - Islands in the Street

    Potatowire brings Erik along for a surprisingly coherent analysis of his personal tech setup. They discuss laptops, file servers and mobile devices. Along the way they touch on file syncing services, tech boredom driving purchases, Erik’s work toolchain, Creative Cloud, Chromebooks, MailSteward, Linux, Solaris, FreeNAS, FreeBSD, BitTorrent Sync, Raspberry Pi Remote Backup Servers, Nexus 6 vs. Nexus 5 with a broken screen, Alarm Clock Pro, AMOLED vs. LED, unrealistic expectations, and whether you should pay attention to product reviews.

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