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  1. PACIFIC RIM w/ Jon Gabrus

    Our guests Jon Gabrus (HIGH AND MIGHTY Podcast) and Mara Tsudis (Construction Engineer) become drift compatible as we discuss PACIFIC RIM!nWe discuss all aspects of giant machinery and Jon displays his uncanny Guillermo Del Toro and Donald Trump impressions.

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  2. Blade 2 w/ Jon Gabrus

    Jon Gabrus stops by to discuss one of Jeff’s all-time favorite movies, Blade 2.

    Check out Gabrus’ podcast High & Mighty where, last week, we discussed Blade 1 (which is pretty good, but not as good as Blade 2).

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  3. The Spawn Chunks 096: Xisuma Tweaks The Nether

    This week, Joel and Jonny welcome Xisuma to the podcast to talk about how the Hermitcraft server has been adapting to The Nether Update and piglin bartering, as well as the admin side of one of the most popular Minecraft creator servers on YouTube.

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  4. Episode #301 – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    We kick off the New Year (and the next 300 episodes?) by discussing a movie that no one has ANY strong feelings about — Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. One programming note: we sort of threw together this episode at the last moment because Elliott was visiting New York, so we skip the usual letters and recommendation segments. Don’t worry, though — we still manage to talk for 100 minutes. Because it’s Star Wars.

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  5. Bernie’s Back Rally

    BERNIE AND AOC IN NEW YORK: ‪If there ever was a time for millions of people to come together and build a mass movement for justice, now is that time. Live from Queens.

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