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  1. The Changelog #3: The Go Programming Language from Google with Rob Pike, Principal Engineer at Google and Co-creator of Go | News and podcasts for developers | Changelog

    Rob Pike is a Principal Engineer at Google and Tech Lead for Google’s Go team. Rob is also a co-creator of the Go programming language. We talked with Rob about Go — Google’s new open source programing language!


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  2. dotGo 2015 - Rob Pike - Simplicity is Complicated

    Go is often described as a simple language. It is not, it just seems that way. Rob explains how Go’s simplicity hides a great deal of complexity, and that both the simplicity and complexity are part of the design.

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  3. Robert Crais: L.A. Is ‘Natural Canvas’ For Nightmare | NPR

    From murder in the Venice canals to human trafficking in the desert, Los Angeles serves as the perfect setting for Robert Crais’ noir novels, starring Elvis Cole and Joe Pike, two PIs who are desperately seeking normal—both for their clients and themselves.


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