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  1. Cereal Killer

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  2. Greg Egan - Crystal Nights

    Cyber version of Microcosmic God.

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  3. SF Squeecast 6

    Elizabeth Bear calls Dark City "the greatest PKD-like movie". GRRM calls Jack Vance "the greatest living scifi writer". Catherynne Valente likes the poetry of Diane Wakoski.

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  4. The Coode Street Podcast #78

    Some pretty good discussions of Tim Powers, what SF can predict, and audiobooks (last 15 min)

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  5. The Coode Street Podcast

    Guest: Kim Stanley Robinson

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  6. Scott’s play

    Scott’s play

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  7. Episode 077 – Jeff and Ann Vandermeer

    John Denardo subs for Patrick Hester too.

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  8. Agony Column Podcast

    20 min discussion of 3 books including ‘1q84’ (1984). All mainstream/genre mashups.

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  9. Agony Column Podcast

    interview with author of the night circus, I started reading it

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  10. The Incomparable - powered by FeedBurner

    old one, talking about the hugos, they like Dervish House, so says Jenny

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