SitePoint Podcast #44: HTML5 is a (Beautiful) Mess

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  1. SitePoint Podcast #67: The Browser Dance

    "Kevin, Patrick, Stephan, and Brad talk browser wars, WordPress 3, rising domain prices, high-performance HTML5 games, and Facebook’s server-side secrets. "

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  2. SitePoint Podcast #55: State-sponsored Brown Paper

    "Patrick shares his experiences at South by Southwest, the team discuss Chrome developer tools and the imminent launch of Photoshop CS5, and what Opera is doing to get into the App Store. This week’s show has something for everybody!"

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  3. SitePoint Podcast #143: Happy HTML5 Holidays with Bruce Lawson

    This week our regular interview host Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) interviews Bruce Lawson who is a member of the Web Standards Project’s Accessibility Task Force, works at the Opera team and contributes to HTML5 Doctor.

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  4. The Big Web Show 2: HTML5 with Jeremy Keith

    Dan and Jeffrey talk with Jeremy Keith, designer, writer, speaker, and author of HTML5 for Web Designers, a new book coming out in June of 2010. They discuss the goals and inspiration behind the book, as well as what HTML5 means for both web creators and those who consume the web, covering topics that range from structure to accessibility and implementation.

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  5. SitePoint Podcast #45: The One Without Kevin

    "One third of US internet users post their status updates to a social network, Google gets hacked by China, and the German government advises its citizens to ditch Internet Explorer as a result. All this and more in this week’s episode of the SitePoint Podcast!"

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  6. Web Axe Episode 83: Fate of Longdesc in HTML5

    What’s the fate of the "longdesc" attribute in HTML5? Can or should the "aria-labelledby" ARIA attribute replace it? These are some of the controversial issues discussed by Dennis and guests John Foliot (@johnfoliot), Everett Zufelt (@ezufelt), and Joe Dolson (@joedolson).

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