Eddie Rode The Orphan Train by Jim Roll

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  1. Magnatune Space Music Podcast 11.13.13


    Artist: Rildrim Song: 01-A Thousand Miles of Moonlight Later Album: Synthetic Dream 10:10 Artist: Ray Carl Daye Song: 01-Spectral Navigator Album: Spectral Navigator 23:18 Artist: Rildrim Song: 02-Electromagnetic Ripples Album: Synthetic Dream 32:14 Artist: Rapoon Song: 02-Our trespasses Album: Easterly 6 or 7 37:14 Artist: Ray Carl Daye Song: 01-Endless Departure Album: Rapid Ear Movement 41:31 Artist: Robert Rich Song: 01-Due Acque part 01 Album: Due Acque - Live Archive Vol 2 56:09 Artist: Kourosh Dini Song: 07-Reflections Of Sky Album: Calm 61:29 closing credits

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  2. Magnatune Woman Singing Electro Pop Podcast 01.18.15


    Artist: Lilly Wolf Song: 01-The Devil You Know Album: Play Loud 03:01 Artist: Artemis Song: 04-Ella Album: Auralei 08:34 Artist: Ammonite Song: 12-Reconnection (outro) Album: Reconnection 11:10 Artist: Lisa DeBenedictis Song: 03-The Magus Album: Tigers 14:34 Artist: Mercy Machine Song: 08-Invisible (Cosmic Sea Shanty Mix) Album: In Your Bed - the remixes 20:48 Artist: Emmas Mini Song: 05-Apartment a Album: Beat Generation Mad Trick 22:19 Artist: Mercy Machine Song: 04-Bones Album: Mercy Machine 27:08 Artist: Lisa DeBenedictis Song: 04-Pull Up The Shade Album: Tigers 30:49 Artist: Mercy Machine Song: 12-Quietly (Silent Night Mix) Album: In Your Bed - the remixes 37:08 Artist: Curl Song: 02-Choice Album: Ultimate Station 43:49 Artist: Artemis Song: 09-Sync or Swim (Glass House Mix) - Mijo Album: Orbits 48:55 Artist: The Kokoon Song: 10-Mirages (live recording from 2000) Album: No 3 53:05 Artist: Ammonite Song: 06-Calm Album: Reconnection 58:06 Artist: Curl Song: 09-Scorched Feelings (psycho mix) Album: Ultimate Station 61:06 Artist: Linda Wood Song: 03-Two Doors Album: Duel 65:23 Artist: Artemis Song: 02-Changing Sky Album: Undone 68:50 Artist: Artemis Song: 03-Angel Album: Gravity 74:47 Artist: Barks and Crock Song: 03-Love You Album: Summer Savage 82:30 Artist: Curl Song: 01-Fly Free Album: Ultimate Station 86:39 Artist: Mercy Machine Song: 06-Kansas City Album: Mercy Machine 90:24 Artist: Sun Palace Song: 10-Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day Album: Into Heaven 94:35 Artist: Linda Wood Song: 07-Something Better Album: Duel 99:38 Artist: Curl Song: 08-Inner 2 Album: Inner 105:17 Artist: Lisa DeBenedictis Song: 06-Ocean In Her Head Album: Tigers 109:03 Artist: Ammonite Song: 07-Angel (hold on…) Album: Reconnection

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  3. Greatest Song Ever – The Train Kept a-Rollin’ – RPM

    If there’s one thing music nerds love to do, it’s make lists and pontificate about the best and worst of the art form called rock ‘n’ roll. Whether it’s a music magazine compiling a ludicrous list of “greatest” punk albums, a radio station counting down the same predictable classic rock anthems or just you and your friends turning the local pub into a swirling vortex of absurdity with your precious nerdiness, absolute statements about art are as fun as they are pointless. Art discussion is one of the only forums where two diametrically opposed viewpoints can both be valid. You could certainly never make a blanket statement that one specific song was the all-time greatest, because there are no set rules.

    “The Train Kept a-Rollin’ is the greatest rock ‘n’ roll song of all time”

    Join music historian Jeff Nolan as he completely disregards the notion of subjective art and lays out his theory that “The Train Kept a-Rollin’” is the greatest rock ‘n’ roll song of all time. Disagree? State your case in the comments section.


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  4. Soundamantium - Countdown

    From http://www.fresh-poulp.net/releases/FPR030.html

    Fresh Poulp presents its 30th release with a brand new artist : Soundamantium. No that new indeed, as he appeared recently on Rafiralfiro’s "Istanbul Engloutie EP’s" as well as on our compilation "Octopus Two". Darklighter is the second album from Salim Malik aka Soundamantium, following the LP "Symphonia Absurdus", available on Jamendo. This new album is a trip through dark ambient music and world flavoured IDM, and features a collaboration from his friend Rafiralfiro.

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