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  1. Podcast 100: Diet Culture Exists Because We Don’t Want to Die with Michelle Allison the Fat Nutritionist - Body Kindness®

    Psychology research in terror management theory has shown that when people are primed with thoughts of mortality, their behaviors change, but not necessarily in helpful ways. Tune in as I talk with dietitian Michelle Alison (the Fat Nutritionist) about how she was able to extrapolate Ernest Becker’s research from the 1980s to today’s diet culture… [Read More]


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  2. Town Square 1-5-19 (Learning from Stacey Abrams: #BlackGirlMagic & Winning Elections)

    This week on Town Square, it's Black Girl Magic! Join us for a recording from the People's Movement Center where Daily Kos campaign director Irna Landrum and staff writer Kelly Macías shared lessons learned through covering the Stacey Abrams campaign in Georgia, as well as the "politics of joy" that caught fire in Minnesota. They're joined by Angela Conley—who made history as Hennepin County's first Black Commissioner—in a talk moderated by DFL Stonewall Caucus chair and former City Council candidate Erica Mauter.

    Photo Credit: Awa Mally

    Original video: https://www.mixcloud.com/KRSMradio/town-square-1-5-19-learning-from-stacey-abrams-blackgirlmagic-winning-elections/
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  3. Own the Narrative (with Rich Dennis) - Episode 20

    In this special episode, Luvvie brings you an in-depth interview with Sundial Brands CEO Richelieu Dennis. In the interview, Rich shares how he went from selling soaps on 125th street in Harlem to building a business that is now a global conglomerate. He chats about why economic freedom is so critical for the Black community and breaks down the costs of (not) buying Black. He talks about buying ESSENCE Magazine and explains how he had the conviction to insist that Unilever invest $100 million in Black women entrepreneurs as part of this partnership with the megabrand. Rich even addresses the controversy surrounding that SheaMoisture ad and whether the formula has changed. Yea, we went there! Do yourself a favor and get into this episode ASAP!

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/rantsandrandomness/own-the-narrative-with-rich-dennis-episode-20
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  4. Episode 9: Sandhya Anantharaman - Insight

    Listen to Jhumpa Bhattacharya and Sandhya Anantharaman discuss the history, promise, and ongoing debate around Universal Basic Income as a policy solution for economic and racial inequity. Sandhya Anantharaman is a Co-Director of the Universal Income Project, a California-based advocacy organization working to educate, build support, and organize around Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a …


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  5. Apparent NC election rigging scheme has been going on for years

    9:00 Trump employs undocumented workers: Trump housekeeper to NYT

    9:03 Multiple facets of Trump-Russia scandal reach benchmark moments

    9:09 Apparent NC election rigging scheme has been going on for years

    9:28 McCready: 'Harris needs to come clean' on NC vote irregularities

    9:38 Benczkowski, former Alfa Bank lawyer, recuses from Mueller cases

    9:45 Klobuchar: Whitaker a 'walking conflict of interest'

    9:54 Klobuchar still considering candidacy but clear on 2020 agenda


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  6. QUEERY with Cameron Esposito | Lydia Polgreen

    HuffPost editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen sits down with Cameron to discuss her early draw to journalism, staying true to yourself while being queer abroad, and the future of American politics.This episode is sponsored by Wildfang (www.wildfang.com code: QUEERY) and Poshmark (code: QUEERY5).


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  7. The WYD Weekly Podcast! - #WeBuiltThis

    WYD Weekly is the #WeBuiltThis newsletter brought to life. The Weekly is a slice of the #WeBuiltThis mission: meeting Black people at the intersection of culture and politics. It's for us, by us, and about us!

    WYD Weekly nola convening interview series: IRNA LANDRUM

    The Weekly returns with the first of our multipart interview series with several Black visionaries who want to shape our future.

    Our first interview? Irna Landrum, writer and campaign organizer for Daily Kos.

    HOSTS: Aaron Rand Freeman, Shawn Bryant and Aimee Castenell

    MUSIC: CeeWhy

    And be sure to check your voter registration status and register to vote if you haven't already. It's our world, y'all!

    For more WYD Weekly goodness, tune in via Libsyn | iTunes


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