Patrick Rhone a Writer Who Has Lived The Best and Worst

A tough life has taught Patrick Rhone how to be resilient!

Patrick Rhone has gone through a time in his life where he had to plan out when he would eat his one meal a day so his two kids could eat three meals. He learned a lot from that experience and it shows in his personality and especially in his writing.

With time, light shined down on his life, and he now lives a great life with his young daughter, and loving wife. Patrick Rhone, in recent years was granted the ability to pursue his passion that he had carried since he was a young boy of writing as a profession.

Patrick Rhoneā€™s insightfulness into the little things of life have helped many people and has helped him publish several books.

I was very excited when Patrick Rhone agreed to be on Dreamers Podcast because I am a huge fan of his work! I think you can find something in any of his writings, and I encourage everyone to check out his sites. This really is an incredible story of a man who did everything he could for his two sons as a young age, and has been greatly rewarded later in life for his struggles.

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