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  1. Snatching Edges ep107- Y’all F-ed Kamala Harris, STFU We DGAF About Ur Candidate 12/05 by Ablaze Radio | Politics

    Black Women's voices in the conversations surrounding policy, politics and current events. Tonight Toni, Vivian, Tynisa & Tabitha will all hopefully be on air tonight and make Glamtron, Our beautiful Black Women version of Voltron. Kamala Harris deserved better & all of those people wringing their frikkin hands since many from the KHive and other supporters of Sen Harris told folks who were caping for Sen Warren while claiming to be the epitome of Black liberation to go tell that bullshit story walking. Tonight is a drinking episode. We will be cussing aplenty so don't have this on speaker around your kids unless you want to be able to blame us for all the cussing they know how to do any way. Fuck your trashy azz candidate who stayed silent while the media dismissed and erased the campaign of Senator Harris. Her base of support will not be knocking doors for the 2020 election, we will be working hard at home for down-ballot candidates because none of these other fucks running have a history of doing that like Kamala did and folks will need our support. Call in and speak your peace, but Please don't ask us to support your candidate, basically it's Biden's race to lose. We're inviting all of our friends with lots of interesting takes on these issues to call in. This episode will be rated "VoteLikeBlackWomen" also requires you to "ListenToBlackWomen" and if we don't say it enough, we appreciate all of our faithful listeners and we strive to give y'all a voice too. More than ever we need to say that the opinions of Snatching Edges moderators/hosts/guests are their own and do not reflect on our sponsors or Ablaze Radio.


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  2. Episode One: Bias in the Media

    Ever since California Senator Kamala Harris announced her candidacy for President of the United States on January 21st, 2019, she has been on the receiving end of unfair media bias and misinformation. Join us as we explore the nuances of the 2020 election cycle and draw attention to Harris' historic campaign.

    *All opinions expressed here are strictly our own and are not affiliated with Kamala Harris or the campaign in any way.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/podcast-for-the-people/episode-one-bias-in-the-media
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  3. The Intersection of Technology with Organizing and Politics, with Ann Lewis CTO of MoveOn | Episode 274 | Resistance Dashboard

    Ann Lewis stops by The Great Battlefield podcast and shares her story of becoming the CTO of MoveOn and the use of technology in grass roots organizing.


    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/thegreatbattlefield/the-intersection-of-technology-with-organizing-and-politics-with-ann-lewis-cto-of-moveon
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  4. Welcome to Everbetter Ideas, episode 1. by Everbetter Ideas • A podcast on Anchor

    A brief introduction to the plans for this podcast.


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  5. Longform Podcast: Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah on “A Most American Terrorist: The Making of Dylann Roof” · Longform

    Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah is an essayist. Her 2017 GQ piece “A Most American Terrorist: The Making of Dylann Roof” won the National Magazine Award and the Pulitzer Prize. “I remember feeling like ‘you’re playing chess with evil, and you gotta win.’ Because


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  6. Snatching Edges Podcast Ep- 28 - SESTA/FOSTA - Stop Blaming Women 4 This Mess 01/28 by ablazeworldwide | Politics Podcasts

    Black Women's voices in the conversations surrounding policy, politics and current events. Tonight Toni, Vivian & Tabitha will be in full snatch mode again. Piri wil join us and discuss SESTA/FOSTA and we'll have a nuanced discussion around it. People have been at their shenanigans again and the entry of Kamala into the 2020 race has brought on the same misogyny and hatred folks had about Hillary. Folks have once again laid the blame for the effects of legislation on the back of a Woman who didn't even write it. bernie has announced his pending entry into the race and folks are saying NOPE! No drinks for this episode, this another No kids after the first 15 minutes go give them the Ipad again. Y'all need to fasten your seatbelts on this one. The opinions of Snatching Edges moderators.hosts/guests are their own and do not reflect on our sponsors or Ablaze Radio. Call in and weigh in, I am sure we will have lots of callers on this one. Your opinions are valid, but please come with the facts. 917-889-3055


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