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  1. audioBoom / Episode 45 - Fred Armisen ( Portlandia, SNL, Trenchmouth)

    This week on the show Damian welcomes star of stage and screen Fred Armisen! Damian goes to the Portlandia set and takes the former drummer of Trenchmouth/ current Documentary Now star’s lunch hour away to talk NYHC. Listen in as Fred chats about going from learning about punk on Saturday Night Live to being on the show working Hardcore references in to sketches

    -The history we tell ourselves versus the history we lived

    -Seeing the B-52s on SNL

    -The Ramones not as perfect pivotal records

    -Meeting Kenny and getting into Hardcore

    -Meeting Gang Of Four

    -Forming the KGB

    -Everyone was from Long Island

    -From seeing Bow Wow Wow to the Dead Kennedys, loving everything.

    -“Bob Mould knows his fans.”

    -Mohawks and camo

    -Being more Husker Du than Replacements

    -The importance of the Bad Brains

    -What the fuck is up with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

    -Forming Trenchmouth

    -Getting on the legendary Skene! Records

    -Moving to Chicago

    -Loving touring Canada

    -“On A Mission”: being frustrated with the lack of success

    -Only being able to listen to Pavement now.

    -Lovin’ DC and being half a Discord band

    -Carrie Brownstein crashing at the lead singer of Trenchmouth’s house years before you meet

    -Steve Albini

    -With comedy, everything came so much easier

    -G.E. Smith and punk

    -Fear on SNL and the camera smashing.

    -Who would be the band you would force SNL to have on when they have you back to host?

    -A punk rock breakdown of the Crisis Of Conformity sketch

    AND MORE!!!!!


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