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  1. audioBoom / Episode 57 - Scott Thompson (Kids InThe Hall / Mouth Congress)

    Boy, oh, boy! Are you in for an episode of Turned Out A Punk today! This week Damian is joined by Mouth Congress vocalist and Kids In The Hall, comedy legend, Scott Thompson! Sit back as Scott talks about everything form the Viletones, to homophobia in entertainment, to coming full circle with Johnny Rotten. This is one for the ages!

    Also covered:

    -Damian’s opening monolog to Scott about the importance of Kid’s In The Hall.

    -Hearing the Ramones in the Philippines for the first time.

    -Music: Only on Sundays.

    -Books are the number.

    -Punk tapping into the rage.

    -Fear of admitting you wanted to be an actor.

    -Meeting Paul Bellini at York.

    -Gay men getting to live their teenage years in their 20’s.

    -The Plastic Gumby Bums: Scott’s Gumby informed punk bands.

    -Seeing a Teenage Head riot at York while wearing a garbage bags.

    -The Dishes and Diodes.

    -Just two brothers bonding of fighting at the Turning Point.

    -The Viletones.

    -Listening to punk and feeling included for the first time.

    -Going to see Anne Sprinkle performance.

    -Getting wasted with Lydia Lunch.

    -The influence of Cinema of Transgression and Answer Me! on Kids In The Hall.

    -Gluing cigarettes to your ears.

    -Throbbing Gristle is too scary.

    -Was that Skinny Puppy video real or a nightmare?

    -Starting a band to avoid sex.

    -“I do it cause I have to, cause I’m an artist.”

    -Liking to leave the stage bleeding.

    -Loving the Stooges.

    -Revenge against Straight Rock dudes.

    -How Mouth Congress came together.

    -Smoke Pot and Improvise.

    -Opening for the Kids In The Hall.

    -Choosing KITH over Mouth Congress.

    -Love at first sight with the KITH.

    -Going to school with Bruce La Bruce.


    -The masculinity of punk.

    -Getting banned from the Elmo

    -The homophobia of Toronto and punk.

    -Kids In The Hall: “The Gay Group”

    -Don Pyle and The Shadowy Men.


    -TONS of Braincandy talk.

    -One of the BEST John Lydon stories.EVER

    AND MORE!!!!!!


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