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  1. ANALYSIS: Why Bernie Didn’t Win

    Current Affairs Editor Nathan J. Robinson gives his analysis on why the Bernie campaign was ultimately unsuccessful and what Bernie supporters can learn from the defeat. An article on the same topic can be found here: https://www.currentaffairs.org/2020/04/reflections-on-the-bernie-campaign

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    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MkgArCbpa4
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  2. Town Square: Seattle Walk Report

    Through distinctive and charming black-and-white comics, Seattle Walk Report has been secretly documenting on Instagram the quirky characters, sidewalk finds, and curious detritus she encounters on her walks. Now, with a book-length "report," readers and walkers can follow along using the hand-drawn maps, or use the book to inspire their own meandering adventures. Previously anonymous, For this book launch, Seattle Walk Report’s Susanna Ryan is joined onstage by Paul Constant, co-founder of the Seattle Review of Books, for a short interview followed by Q&A.

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  3. audioBoom / Episode 86 - Jon Wurster (The Best Show, Bob Mould Band, Superchunk)

    With his drumming, comedy, and IMMENSE punk knowledge; this week’s guest is the definition of a Turned Out A Punk triple threat. This week Damian sits down with the great Jon Wurster to talk about his incredible journey through punk and music.

    Also covered (but not at all limited to)

    -The naturalness of the phone line

    -The Sex Pistols on the nightly news: exciting and scary

    -Growing up in the mennonite farmlands outside Philadelphia

    -Hearing the Ramones for the first time

    -Rock World

    -Hearing Train In Vain on the radio

    -Trying to buy London Calling but it had a “Parental Warning” sticker

    -The awesomeness of Soul Asylum

    -The Carpenters live

    -The Osmonds go rock

    -Randy Johnston: The world’s most famous white Jimi Hendrix impersonator.

    -Seeing the Ramones live

    -The A’s and The Reds: Philly LOVES sports in music

    -Robert Hazard and Girls Just Want To Have Fun

    -Hooters: Live Aid’s darkest story

    -Going to see the Dead Kennedys

    -Autistic Behaviour

    -Toxic Reasons

    -Love Hall

    -DREAM BILL: Superchunk playing with RKL and The Zero Boys

    -Seeing the Circle Jerks live

    -Leaving before Minor Threat played and regretting forever


    -Long March Jazz Academy

    -The Obsessed

    -Iron Cross: amazing live

    -Learning to play the drums at ten

    -Meeting Gram Parker years later

    -Meeting the Dead Milkmen and their importance

    -Forming Psychotic Norman

    -Joining The Right Profile

    -A Freakonomics author’s rock past

    -Hootie And Blowfish

    -The amazingness of Tommy Keene

    -Seeing Mac pre-Superchunk in NJ

    -The WORST tour across America

    -Good news, bad news. The good news: you get to see Dread Zeppelin

    -Washing Mac’s windows


    -The greatest breakdown of the Ramones’ drummers ever

    -Lou Barlow and Evan Dando sing Glue

    -Matt Watt like the effort

    -and TONS more!!!!!


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  4. Hillary Clinton FULL Speech: Ready to Move Forward, Unite Party

    The presumptive democratic presidential nominee speaks to supporters in Brooklyn, New York, after securing delegate number needed to clinch the nomination.

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