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  1. Scriptnotes Podcast: 254 - The One with the Kates

    John and Craig welcome Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney, the Australian creator/stars of The Katering Show (a previous One Cool Thing). We discuss the process and economics of making a web series, signing with a US agency, and trying to figure out what comes next. Thanks to our Scriptnotes fans on both sides of the world for making this meet-up happen. Links:

    The Katering Show Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney on Twitter Watch season 2 of The Katering Show on Fullscreen Dance Academy, and on Wikipedia Tall poppy syndrome on Wikipedia Catastrophe on Amazon Prime Duqqa on Wikipedia Mini Metro and

    Human Resource Machine

    Sunspring, a short film written by Benjamin The Shaggs on Wikipedia Hunt for the Wilderpeople is playing at

    Arclight Hollywood starting June 23 Cope St Collective’s Bjorn on how to do blackface Outro by Rajesh Naroth (send us yours!)

    You can download the episode here.


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