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  1. The JV Club Ep. 338: Justin McElroy | Maximum Fun


    The JV Club


    Justin McElroy

    Enjoy this multimedia festival of conversation and pre-loaded sound effects on this week’s episode with Boy of Summer Justin McElroy! And wait— what’s that in the air? It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Politically Incorrect Musical!

    Hosted by Janet Varney.

    Edited by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

    The JV Club will be LIVE at the Bellhouse in Brooklyn on Wednesday Oct. 9th! Details and tickets are available now.


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  2. 033 - Justin McElroy — Save As Podcast

    Justin McElroy is a guy who seems to almost always have a pretty sunny disposition. Not an easy feat when you’re juggling being a new dad; hosting My Brother, My Brother and Me, Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine, Polygon’s Quality Control; being the Managing Editor for Polygon.com and still managing to make room for a little time with me in his busy schedule.

    Justin and I talk about his early days growing up, cereal, West Virginia, his family, how me met and fell in love with his wife Sydney, and how he manages to stay creative and satisfied in this episode of Save As Podcast.


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  3. Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 397: My Brother, My Brother and Me Switcheroo with Chuck Bryant | Maximum Fun

    Episode 397with Chuck BryantJustin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from fellow MaxFun podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me take over for Jordan and Jesse this week!

    They’re joined by Chuck Bryant of the Stuff You Should Know podcast for a discussion of the war on cargo shorts, Justin’s children’s book ideas, Travis’s new favorite fall TV show The Grinder.

    Plus, Griffin shares a moving story about the time he learned a hard lesson about sweet cream. Show notes


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