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  1. audioBoom / Episode 51 - Chris Gethard (Actor, Writer, Comedian)

    If you love comedy then you probably are as excited as Damian is for this episode with Chris Gethard! Listen in as Chris argues his rationality for fearing hardcore, nearly dying at an ECW event, and the relationship between Morrissey and depression.

    Also touched on:

    -Two non-jewish guys figuring out Yiddish

    -The benefits of a nerdy older brother

    -Marsha the zine: The Marsha Brady fanzine

    -Outsider music

    -The IMMENSE impact of One Nature and Felix Frump

    -“Why are you going to see Earth Crisis?”

    -Kids in hoodies looking to beat-up the kids that like Egghead

    -Do not stay in Camden NJ!

    -The Punk/comedy connection

    -Choosing comedy over playing in a band

    -The sketchy named near hardcore band of Ground Zero 1945

    -Mikey Erg and the Ergs making it great again

    -Weston being your Beatles

    -Bouncing Souls

    -Lifetime and New Brunswick

    -The obscure greatness of Boxcar

    -The legacy of the little public access show that could

    -Sub-culture solidarity

    -The inspiration of Screaming Females

    -Keepin’ It Local Musically

    -Seeing a pre-fame Less Than Jake at your friend’s backyard

    -Liking Ska without apology

    -The Mephskafalies is the best live bands



    -Being Morrissey

    -J Church and Cringer

    -The greatest Toby from H2O story ever!

    -Servatron and Man Or Astroman

    -Henry Ownings

    -Talkhouse pieces


    -Mental health effecting music tastes

    -J Church’s friend’s band: Jawbreaker

    -Trying to defend Morrissey

    -Is The Cure more popular?

    -Let It Rock Records

    -The Murder Junkies/ Wrestling Show Riot


    -Nearly getting squished by New Jack

    and way more!!!


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