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  1. Boards of Canada - Societas x Tape

    Warp 30 broadcast

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  2. Roderick On the Line Ep 342

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  3. An Evening With Griffin McElroy @ Florida State University - Club Downunder

    Griffin McElroy visits Florida State University as part of the Golden Tribe Lecture Series.

    For more information on Golden Tribe, visit: https://www.facebook.com/GoldenTribeLectureSeries

    For more information about Club Downunder and our other upcoming events, find us on social media @clubdownunder or visit: https://www.facebook.com/GoldenTribeLectureSeries

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi5JNeXl0LU
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  4. Latest Podcast Episode: PostGIS | James Fee

    Bill Dollins and I have our latest podcast out today. It is a day late because of some work related stuff but that’s the best news this week for me. This was was a lot of fun, we dive into PostGIS with some suggestions on how to get started and tools we use to get the best value out of everything we do in PostGIS. Please enjoy and rate us on iTunes or Google Play if you have time.


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  5. Friends in Your Ears | Matthew Cassinelli and Merlin Mann (Episode 22)

    This week, Matthew Cassinelli and Merlin Mann join Kathy to talk about being vulnerable, the Little Worlds of podcasting, traffic, MLMs, cleaning up with sparking joy and oh yeah, their favorite podcasts too. Plus, the bonus question this week will make you want to contact your local toy stores.

    Theme Music by Christopher and Adelaide Breen.


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  6. Corner of the Sky | Moist and Worried (Episode 25)

    Highlights: what we may call today “gender equity,” non-musical, Cincinnati, proto-Terry Crews, my cool baby, sharing media across generations, a (not so) surprising amount of Hamilton talk, the kids are alright, columnists.


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  7. The Incomparable | The Sublime Magicks of Exposition (Episode 140)

    No more mutants! We discuss the 2005 Marvel Comics miniseries “House of M,” in which writer Brian Michael Bendis gets to show off his love of meetings, Doctor Strange, and meetings chaired by Doctor Strange! Also, there’s a crazy “What If?” style parallel universe, approximately a billion spin-offs, and in the cruelest twist, Peter Parker is briefly allowed to be happy. And finally there’s a shocking finale that set the tone for mutant storylines up to the present day. Listen before the Scarlet Witch wishes this podcast out of existence!


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  8. The Incomparable | Hangin’ With the Totes (Episode 144)

    “My Neighbor Totoro” is an animated classic in which nothing much happens, but we love it anyway. We discuss how the movie is all about children’s fears of change, ponder the differences between subtitled and dubbed versions, and contemplate corn as a cure for tuberculosis. CREEPY!


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  9. The Incomparable | Bros and Arrows (Episode 157)

    An entire comic book about Hawkeye, the lesser Marvel superhero with a bow and arrow? Okay… this looks bad. But seriously, bro, this is one of the very best comics being published today. We cover the first two trade-paperback editions of Fraction and Aja’s series, including Lucky the Pizza Dog, 50 Shades of Purple, and how hooking up a laserdisc player is similar to defusing a bomb. Hop on board and join us—we’re great at boats.


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  10. The Incomparable | Kitty’s in Space Now (Episode 303)

    We celebrate all of mutantkind with a broad discussion of Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men, especially the versions we grew up reading in comics. What makes their outsider status resonate? Where should new readers start? And we choose some of our favorite X-Men characters in a sequence of choices that is definitely not a draft.


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