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  1. Walter Block: Privatizing the nation’s roads

    MP3 (March 18, 2009) In this interview with the good people at The Libertarian Solution, I discussed how privatization of the roads is possible and why it would be more capable of reducing deaths and being more efficient than government management of roads and highways.

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  2. Trueface Two Roads FULL Message

    Trueface - Look for the new, condensed version on our channel, titled "Two Roads." John Lynch delivers the Truefaced Two Roads Two Rooms message found in The Cure. There are two roads at an intersection, the road to pleasing God and the road to trusting God. You can only choose one.

    Bruce McNicol, Bill Thrall, and John Lynch work as a team to create these messages of grace that highlight the Original Good News of Jesus.

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  3. Roads Not Taken Commentary with Sam J. Rizzo & Tom Gallagher

    Sam J. Rizzo & Tom Gallagher give their commentary on two of the best episodes of The Adventures of Superboy TV Series, the two partner from the third season of the show titled "Roads Not Taken."

    So get your dvds or digital episode ready and listen to Sam & Tom's commentaries on these two get episodes!

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  4. How streets, roads, and avenues are different

    There's a method to the madness of classifying roads.

    Take a ride with Phil Edwards, as he explains the naming conventions behind roads.

    A street is a road but a road isn't always a street. A road can also be an avenue or a boulevard—it's the general term for anything that connects two points. From there, the names of roads can be shaped by their environment and/or the form of the road. A drive is a long winding road that can be shaped by mountains or a lake. Place is a narrow road with no throughway. And just as there is no rule book to building a city, these roads and other don't always correspond with their described classifications.

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  5. Intrerview: Ron Lundeen and The Dead Roads!

    Rick and Jordan catch up with Ron Lundeen, developer at @Paizo and author of The Dead Roads, Book 1 of Tyrant's Grasp. Find the Path just finished The Dead Roads in their Patreon-exclusive actual play of Tyrant's Grasp.

    Ron joins us to talk about the development process at Paizo, things he might have changed, and what's up with the toothfairies in the book!

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  6. HW 2.3: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads (Vox Pop 3)

    "Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads" by Sean Cole and Jonathan Goldstein, This American Life

    A longer story that, essentially, is just an extended vox pop. Notice how the types of responses are grouped and sequenced, turning a series of answers to a simple question into a story with an arc and progression.

    Be prepared to discuss in Class 3.


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  7. The road to the future - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    We make many things out of glass: window-panes, bottles, fish-tanks and even roads – yes, roads!

    An enterprising company in the Netherlands is now busy commercialising technology that could see the roads of the future made, in large part, from silica. But this is no ordinary (or not so ordinary) pathway; it’s also an energy-generator: fitted with solar cells to help it pay for itself in the future.

    The SolaRoad project is just one of numerous initiatives aimed at making our roads ‘intelligent’ – to turn them from a cost to a potential energy generator and/or resource saver.

    Original broadcast was on 5 July 2015.

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