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  1. LFP162 – The Past and Future of Fintech w/Vinoth Jayakumar Partner Draper Esprit | London Fintech Podcast

    Draper Esprit are one of London’s longer-established VCs and with investments in the likes of Revolut, Transferwise, Thought Machine, Seedrs, Crowdcube and Freetrade might know a thing or two about Fintech. Draper Esprit, like Augmentum who we had on the show last year are also a listed AIM and thus also can offer finance not tied to the cycle of underlying funds – the so-called patient capital model.

    Vinoth not only leads Fintech investments at Draper Esprit but has had a long running interest in the sector being at a Zopa Party in around 2007/2008 long before almost every firm now on the scene existed.

    In this episode he picks out the key developments in Fintech over the past decade and a half, some of the takeaway lessons that all businesses can implement, some of the challenges and ends with his prospects for the upcoming decade.

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  2. The Man Who Refused to Spy

    In court, an F.B.I. agent said that he met Sirous Asgari, a materials scientist, to see if he might be “helpful” to the Bureau.Illustration by Claire Merchlinsky

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  3. The Teflon Wok, and Jerry Saltz, Vol. 2 - The Ringer

    Dave gives a preview for the upcoming Ugly Delicious Season 2 and the many uses of the teflon wok (1:46) before bringing in one of the most popular guests in show history, the Pulitzer Prize–winning art critic Jerry Saltz, to further explore the intricacies of the creative process

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  4. Magecart – Darknet Diaries

    Credit card skimming is growing in popularity. Gas pumps all over are seeing skimmers attached to them. It’s growing in popularity because it’s really effective. Hackers have noticed how effective …


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