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  1. Forty years of S

    Bell Labs in the 1970s was a hotbed of research in computing, statistics and many other fields. The conditions there encouraged the growth of the S language and influenced its content. The 40th anniversary of S is an appropriate time to relate a personal view of that scene and reflect on why S (and R) turned out as it did.

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  2. Data Stories 67 | ggplot2, R, and data toolmaking with Hadley Wickham – Data Stories

    We have Hadley Wickham on the show, Chief Scientist at RStudio and Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Rice University and the University of Auckland.

    Hadley created a number of hugely popular libraries for the R language, including ggplot2, which is used throughout the world to analyze and present data.

    On the show we talk about his creative process to develop ggplot2, its growing popularity, other libraries he has built in the R ecosystem, and strategies for creating popular software for data analysis and visualization.

    Enjoy Hadley Wickham!

    Data Stories is brought to you by Qlik, which allows you to explore the hidden relationships within your data that lead to meaningful insights. Take part in the Open Data Challenge for a chance to win $10,000 for an app created with Qlik Sense!


    Project Ukko:

    Hadley Wickham: |


    ggplot extensions:

    Hadley’s R packages for data analysis (ggplot2, plyr, reshape2)



    Visualizing travel data with TripIt:

    RStudio Shiny (interactive web graphics with R):

    Functional Reactive Programming:

    Beautiful data visualization done with ggplot2:

    Mike LaCour’s scandalous graphs (clearly done with ggplot2):

    Wilkinson’s The Grammar of Graphics:



    ggvis and shiny: |

    R tutorials:

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  3. The Lawfare Podcast : The Lawfare Podcast: Edward Lucas on the Sum of All Cyberphobias

    We welcome Edward Lucas, a senior editor at the Economist and author of the new book, Cyberphobia: Identity, Trust, Security and the Internet, to the show this week. At the third Hoover Book Soiree a few weeks ago, Lucas shared a drink with Lawfare’s Ben Wittes and discussed the rapid increase in cybercrime, the difficulties of identity verification on the web, and why, even today, we still do not take cybersecurity seriously enough. Lucas paints a bleak picture of our cybersecurity landscape, but closes with a few recommendations for how we can fix it.

    It’s a conversation that prompted Ben to digitally betray his country, and the rest of us to grab our dongles and strengthen our passwords.  

    And it’s the Lawfare Podcast, Episode #150: Edward Lucas on the Sum of All Cyberphobias.

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