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  1. Kim Goodwin: Silo-busting, Scenario-driven Design

    Kim is the VP of User Experience at PatientsLikeMe. She’s also an author and expert on personas and scenarios. She believes that where you are in the design process defines whether scenarios are a deliverable or an artifact. The size and culture of your team is also a factor. A smaller team has less of a need for formal deliverables.

    However, in larger organizations scenarios and personas serve as a great way to get everyone involved in the same frame of mind. Bringing stakeholders to interviews with users at the start of the design research helps solidify that the personas used to inform the design are shorthand versions of real people. This gives you a solid foundation to move forward with the design.

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  2. Airbnb’s Design Approach by O’Reilly Radar | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    In this week’s Design Podcast episode, I chat it up with Katie Dill, head of experience design at Airbnb. Dill talks about Airbnb’s values; the relationship between design, engineering, and product management; and what Airbnb looks for when hiring.

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  3. Oliver Reichenstein: Why Simplicity Creates Great User Experiences

    Oliver Reichenstein explains the importance of keeping interfaces simple and why current websites are complicated. He outlines the pitfalls of research and why it’s a good starting point to understand user expectations.

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  4. Mobile IXD



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  5. Realtime Prototyping


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  6. Designing the Wider Web


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  7. Barbara Ballard: Mobile Use, Design, and Development

    The mobile space is changing rapidly, but many patterns of use and design have remained consistent for years. See some old and new mobile user interface patterns and discuss different design approaches to support users.

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