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  1. Defining the damn data

    Task maps. Customer journeys. Cognitive walk-throughs. All are artifacts of our process of seeking understanding about our users that we likely create on a regular basis. But how can we better connect that work to the process of web site data collection and analysis?

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  2. IA in a complex business context

    How do you address user goals when your users seem to speak a language of their own? How do you stand up for users when developers dominate the process? How do you engage stakeholders to turn them into evangelists? How do you make sure everyone really understands and agrees on what you’re doing?

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  3. Always On: How the iPhone Unlocked the Anything-Anytime-Anywhere Future—and Locked Us In

    Brian X. Chen explains how the iPhone is opening the door to what he calls the "always-on" future, where we are all constantly connected to a global Internet via flexible, incredibly capable gadgets that allow us to do anything, anytime, from anywhere. In Always On: How the iPhone Unlocked the Anything-Anytime-Anywhere Future—and Locked Us In, he explains the far-reaching implications of this future—both positive and negative—throughout all areas of our lives.

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  4. Realtime Prototyping


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  5. Designing the Wider Web


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  6. Cross Platform IA Management



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  7. Barbara Ballard: Mobile Use, Design, and Development

    The mobile space is changing rapidly, but many patterns of use and design have remained consistent for years. See some old and new mobile user interface patterns and discuss different design approaches to support users.

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