Side Project Success - Stefanie Posavec

Stefanie has exhibited at top galleries, spoken at conferences around the world and designed book covers for heroes, but it’s her passion projects that she does on the side that really make a difference to her success. Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

Do something you love and it shines through to people When doing a side project, set yourself a deadline. Collaborating with someone else on a side project can be inspiring and also makes you more accountable. Speak at conferences, give interviews, appear on podcasts, give workshops, make friends at events - all of this gets your work known. Being in a specialised niche can allow you to charge a higher day rate Don’t feel like you have to hire a desk somewhere ‘cool’ - how about setting up your own space with other freelancers near where you live? Don’t be afraid when going freelance Value yourself. You’re probably worth double.

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