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  1. JS Party #89: Modern JS tooling is too complicated. Yep? Nope? with Feross, Divya, Mikeal, and Adam |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

    Adam adds a twist to our YepNope format this week. Instead of 2v2, it’s 1v1v1 with Mikeal reppin’ team Yep, Divya on team Nope, and Feross sitting in the middle on team It Depends. You don’t want to miss this excellent debate/discussion all about JS tooling complexity.

    Many packages New frameworks built all the time C…

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  2. Caribbean Rhythms with BAP - Episode 2 - Angola, Angola!

    Second episode of momentous show Caribbean Rhythms with Bronze Age Pervert. Treat with historical example problem of liberalism, multiculturalism, multiracialism…wat mean? I talk about Angola, Epstein, many other things; I put music interlude for relax.


    Intro, I defend against attaqs

    Part 1, Epstein case, hidden hand 5:12

    Part 2, Paul le Roux, the Mastermind, a role model! 12:50

    Part 3, Angola I wot is the soil? 18:31

    Part 4, Angola II wat is multiculturalism 25:51

    Part 5, wat China do? and a modest proposal: population transfer 33:17

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  3. Livestream with Dasha from Red Scare

    Dasha is a co-host of the podcast Red Scare

    Discord server:

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  4. Red Scare Podcast: The Climate Is Cancelled

    The ladies talk climate change, Jerry Saltz and art world hypocrisies with special guest Deanna Havas.

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  5. Red Scare Podcast: Post Horny w/ Angela Nagle *UNLOCKED*

    Merry Christmas, hos! We’re unlocking one of our favorite premium episodes for the holidays.  


    The ladies discuss the latest viral take on why millennials are having less sex, Amazon’s contested bid to move its HQ to NYC, and Silicon Valley’s bizarre marriage of progressive values and predatory practices with writer Angela Nagle  

    Articles referenced:  

    "Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex," Kate Julian, The Atlantic  

    "How Liberalism is Enslaving Ireland as a Colony of Silicon Valley," Angela Nagle, The Irish Times

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  6. Red Scare Podcast: Woke Capitalism w/ Angela Nagle

    Angela Nagle returns for the ladies’ 100th episode to talk about Beto’s "hacktivist" origins, Bernie’s socialism speech and the Steven Crowder YouTube ban.

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  7. #StepDownJackConte

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  8. Caribbean Rhythms with Bronze Age Pervert

    The most important broadcast of the decade. Variety show pilot for Caribbean Rhythms with Bronze Age Pervert, my upcoming broadcast show and declaration of war on the world.

    Pilot has musical interludes and designed to listen in one sitting but you are busy and maybe want to listen different in segments. I provide…


    Intro-wat is show

    Part 1-sassy sheboon vs. high trust society 2:30

    Part 2-my problem with white gril 11:29

    Part 3-my struggle against service industry 20:30

    Part 4-Dominique Venner, a European samurai 26:46

    Part 5-youth revolt and return of vitalism 37:45

    Part 6-mental cripplette elite; I ask Macron to declare something 46:11

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  9. Triangulation 406 Bram Cohen: Chia Network

    BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen returns to ‘Triangulation’ with Jason Howell to talk about Chia Network and how they are creating an open-source blockchain which is a more …

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  10. Entropic - Federated Package Management - Chris Dickinson

    Chris Dickinson, formerly of NPM, introduces a new, open source, language-agnostic, federated package management ecosystem called Entropic.

    Entropic is currently in development. To learn more and how to contribute, check out the discussion forum here: and visit the GitHub repo here:

    Where to find Chris: Twitter: @isntitvacant

    Other talks mentioned in this video: The economics of open source by C J Silverio | JSConf EU 2019

    Recorded on: 2019-07-11 at Alchemy Code Lab in Portland, OR

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