Powerful Non Defensive Communication: An Interview with Sharon Ellison

Have you ever thrown your hands up in frustration because you’ve been misunderstood? Or walked away from a conversation feeling angry and fuming? Or tearful because you’ve been going round in circles trying to communicate with someone you love? Join me in this interview with Sharon Strand Ellison as she talks about her remarkable program called Powerful Non-Defensive Communication. This is an easy-to-understand method of “taking the war out of our words” and learning a new way to say what we mean in a way that is much more likely to prompt people to drop their defenses, often instantly, and create the conditions for an honest, fulfilling way of talking and being understood. With a few simple techniques, we’ll be able to see what we’ve been doing that isn’t helpful, and change it. She and I will role play during the interview, making this a fun and informative session. Join us! I promise, in one hour, you’ll walk away with enough knowledge to make a change immediately.