Why Do You Want to be Productive? No, Really…

What motivates you to get things done - is ‘productivity’ connected to a greater sense of purpose or a deeper ‘why’? Here’s how you might want to approach the concept of productivity differently, to make progress towards those meaningful things in life for improved satisfaction and fulfilment.

There’s no point in being productive for the sake of productivity exclusively - embark on those projects with purpose to discover productivity in its rawest sense. GTD® can help you find out your ‘why’ and enables you to take further steps towards desired success.

Getting Things Done® (GTD®) provides an essential tool in reducing stress levels, increasing productivity, and improving your overall quality of life.

Next Action Associates is the only certified UK partner of the David Allen Company and provides training and coaching in the popular GTD methodology, for anyone wanting to achieve more with less stress.

GTD facilitates a better way to work and live. Find out more at www.next-action.co.uk

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