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  1. 4: John Green, Canada’s Most Wanted (Part 1 of 2)

    We’re Off Track again. Brought to you by CastBox (0:00 - 1:50). Grinds My Gears: in-flight WiFi. Fly-Fi, amirite, Alex? (1:51 - 7:10). John Green discusses Canada Geese, Super Mario Kart, Googling strangers, and his new podcast, The Anthropocene Review. John chats about his career as a race car driver - both in real life and as a fantasy owner - his life in and out of Indianapolis, and why he’s not allowed in Canada. We dig into John’s career as an author and a YouTuber, and his achievements in the racing world (7:11 - 30:45). Tune in next week for part 2! Credits and Outro (30:46 - 32:54).+++Off Track with Hinch and Rossi is brought to you by CastBox. Download the app today at Track is produced by The Podglomerate. You can find other Podglomerate shows at music you heard in this episode comes from:Ryan Dann of Holland Patent Public LibraryBreakmaster Cylinder’s-Most-Wanted-(Part-1-of-2)-id1193552-id72233376?country=us

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