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  1. Episode 27: Theater Buddies | What Say You?


    Select Post Episode 28: You’re An Ass

    Episode 27: Theater Buddies

    Episode 26: Junior Varsity 2: Dick Pic With A Vengeance

    Episode 25: Superman is Hot

    What Say You? Live!

    Episode 24: Dom Irrera’s Flesh Spacesuit

    Episode 23: The Weak One

    Episode 22: Forty Four Zip Zip

    Episode 21: I Wish She Could See

    Episode 20: Dave Thomas, Founder Of Wendy’s

    Episode 19: I Have Your Pants

    Episode 18: #GFY

    Episode 17: Enter Nugget Part 2

    Episode 16: Hipster House Cats

    Episode 15: F**K Fish

    Episode 14: Both Teams Play

    Episode 13: Junior Varsity Team

    Episode 12: Versus

    Episode 11: Dick Lewis Is Watching

    Episode 10: Diarrhea Dick

    Episode 9: The Tall Man

    Episode 8: Shaq Time!

    Episode 7: Enter Nugget

    Episode 6: Meet Me In St. Louis

    Episode 5: Sal’s Brush with Death (Headache)

    Episode 4: F-Star N-Star

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    Episode 3: Diamonds Are Like People

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    Episode 2: Box Full O’ Videotapes

    Intro Song

    Episode 1: The Pilot Episode

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  2. Episode 1 - The Biggest Problem in the Universe

    Episode 1 [ 53:56 ] Play NowPlay in Popup | Download

    Episode 1 Transcript courtesy of Megan Pennock



    Guys Asking Other Guys About Their Dogs






    See All the Problems…Download the Episode

    Uninformed Opinions comments. (Note: Comments may be used on a future episode)

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  3. Hunt The Truth - Episode 7

    Episode 07. WHO’S LISTENING

    by HUNT the TRUTH

    published on 2015/05/10 20:55:33 +0000

    In scanning the slush, Ray makes an interesting discovery. Petrosky returns to tell a terrifying truth about the origins of the Spartan program. And FERO finally surfaces, helping concoct a plan to expose ONI’s ugliest secrets.

    Download Episode 07. WHO’S LISTENING

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  4. Episode 100 – Where Have We Been?

    Main Topic: Where have we been?

    Episode 100!!!!!

    What do we think Jeff?

    Favorite episode

    Favorite interview Mopar – Episode 20 switch pros – episode 26

    Favorite story or experience

    Listener Feedback: Send us your questions and comments!!!

    Suggested Thread of the Week! Adjusting your track bar?

    Events and Happenings: Meet and greet


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  5. Pilot episode by Collusion | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Pilot episode

    by Collusion

    published on 2015/04/07 10:26:30 +0000

    The pilot episode of our new podcast, Collusion - here we explain what the podcast will be about, and why we’re doing it.

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