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  1. Episode #035 – Dull Edge, Travis Gets Sued, Mazda Innovates – Wheel Bearings

    Wheel Bearings 35

    This week, Sam is again driving a Mazda Miata with brilliant steering while Dan fights the steering in the Ford Edge Sport. Another Hespen Rally is in the books and Sam goes off on a tangent about what happens to engineering development vehicles. Mazda announces the first production HCCI engine for 2019 and one of Uber’s biggest investors sues former CEO Travis Kalanick and guys try to give some advice on what kind of car should replace a VW GTI. Colin Sultan of 3M explains what the inventor of post-it notes is doing to enable automated and connected vehicles.


    Mazda Refuses To Give Up On Internal Combustion, Develops Engine It Says Is 20% More Efficient

    Tech flashback 1: Driving GM’s HCCI prototype in 2007

    Tech flashback 2: Driving GM’s next HCCI prototype in 2009

    Benchmark Capital Sues Travis Kalanick


  file | Play in new window | Speakers: Colin Sultan, Dan Roth, Sam Abuelsamid

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  2. Download #16: Flap My Elbows - Relay FM

    This week we discuss the sexist Google "manifesto" and its aftermath, as well as Disney’s announcement that it’s launching two different streaming services.

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  3. Do By Friday

    A weekly challenge show hosted by Merlin Mann, Alex Cox, and Max Temkin.

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  4. Episode 59: Jon Favreau – When The Left Collides With The Right

    Sometimes you have to take risks. Is there a risk for a conservative podcast to have a liberal guest? Is there a risk for a liberal guest to go on a conservative podcast? Of course. But when both sides are going to have a conversation, things work out. Former Barack Obama speechwriter, Jon Favreau and co-host of ‘Pod Save America’ joined Jay and Neal to talk about the political divide, Donald Trump, where Democrats and Republicans can work together and the overall state of our political culture. Listen in. You’ll enjoy it!

    We want to thank the show sponsor, Blue Apron.

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    Episode 59: Jon Favreau – When The Left Collides With The Right

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  5. A Bear of Honey | Do By Friday

    This week’s challenge: go to KFC or Taco Bell.


    Tagged with taco bell

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  6. The Official Stargate™ Podcast - Episode 1

    The Official Stargate™ Podcast celebrates 20 years of Stargate™ with special guests, events and some surprises along the way!

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  7. Apollo 10

    There were a lot of mission rules in the official flight plan when Apollo 10 was preparing to leave Earth on its journey to the moon, but the most important one was: Whatever you do, don’t land there.

    TIME’s Jeffrey Kluger takes you through the Apollo 10 lunar orbit and the horrifying events that make it one of the most harrowing space missions of all time

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  8. The Duck Goes Coin Coin | Do By Friday

    This week’s challenge: go to the zoo.

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  9. Amherst College — Responsive Web Design is more than a college brochure—it’s the integrated platform for all their classroom learning tools. Roberta Diehl and Curt Kotula tell us about this massive redesign.

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  10. Track Changes: When Borders Collapse: Inside the World of Web Standards with Eric Meyer

    The history and the future of CSS: this week Paul and Rich talk to Eric Meyer, an expert on HTML and CSS for more than two decades, about web design and standards. Touching on both basic and more technical aspects of CSS, topics covered include the development of the style sheet language, the incompatibility of early web browsers, accessibility (or lack thereof) in modern web design, and, of course, what the W3C CSS working group’s after-parties are like.

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