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I write an awful lot about tech in general, video games, and even some sci-fi that I haven't published anywhere yet. Most of the time I obsess over having insufficient amounts of coffee in my ridiculously oversized mug, and how technology isn't moving in ways that directly improve my life.

I probably go a bit too far with Helvetica too…

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  1. Late Night Linux Extra – Episode 10 – Late Night Linux

    Podcast (extra): Download (Duration: 27:36 — )The Raspberry Pi 400 is here!

    Joe is joined by Jim Salter from Ars Technica and 2.5 Admins to discuss his initial impressions, and then Martin Wimpress about Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu MATE on the Pi 400 and Pi 4.




    This episode is sponsored by Datadog – the unified monitoring and analytics platform for comprehensive visibility into cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Start your Datadog trial today by visiting, create one dashboard, and you’ll get a free Datadog t-shirt.



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  2. MyMac Podcast 603: HMS Appletanic

    Gaz is off this week so Karl Madden of various other podcasts near and dear to our hearts graciously consented to join Guy on this week’s podcast. Karl, because of your dedication, the photos will not be released to the general public and your check is in the mail. They talk about Apple’s latest financials, butchers that perform eye surgery, how to turn Guy into a 3 year old (like anyone would notice), consumerism, Apple Watches, politics, and just how old can a Mac get and still be productive. Or in Guy’s case, stop being a cheapskate and get new stuff!

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    Links:Guy’s App Pick: Audio Converter Pro $6.99 in the Mac App StoreGaz’s App Pick: Not this weekKarl’s App Pick: Jabra Move Bluetooth Headphones $85 & £53Macstock Expo codes: mymacsentme

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  3. 80s cartoon podcast : Episode 30 – Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

    Episode 30 – Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

    Evil plant cars with phallic weapons only mean one thing, we need Jayce and Bomberman to save us!  This week we review Season 1, Episode 3: Steel Against Shadow.  Grab your all white power tool equipped vehicle and join us as we search for the helmet of legends, hidden for centuries (never mind the fact we walk into a cave and it’s laying right at the entrance).  Because this week we find the helmet and let it eerily hit on us.

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  4. The Pi Podcast #9 – Raspberry Pi Zero Special | Play in new window | DownloadThe Pi Podcast #9 – Raspberry Pi Zero Special

    The Pi Podcast is a show by members of the Raspberry Pi community for the Raspberry Pi community.



    The huge news today was the announcement of the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero. We thought it was important enough to spend a whole show talking about it, despite the fact that we released episode #8 yesterday.

    We also spoke about the newly released Raspbian Lite.

    A few of the things that came up on the show:

    Raspi.TV the list of other  Raspberry Pi models

    Raspi.TV blog and video announcement of the Pi Zero

    The Raspberry Pi Guy video announcement of the Pi Zero

    The MagPi Issue 40 – loads of articles on how to make the most of the Pi Zero


    You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube or find the RSS feed on our site.

    If you want to get in contact you can email show@, find us on Twitter or Facebook or leave a comment below. Thanks for listening.


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  5. The Ready Room 190: The New Star Trek Series, with Larry Nemecek

    It’s been more than a decade since Star Trek left the air, and at long last CBS has answered the cries of fans. In January 2017, Star Trek will return to TV with an all-new series. But what form will it take?In this special episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Larry Nemecek to take a closer look at the nuts and bolts of the CBS announcement, debate the setting—Prime Universe or Abramsverse—consider the format this Trek might take as a made-for-streaming show, explore Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek fandom, consider how CBS will handle the creation of a series in the age of social media, and, of course, touch on the controversial distribution method.ChaptersWaking Up to the News (00:02:18)

    The Nuts and Bolts (00:07:00)

    Prime of J.J. Abrams (00:13:34)

    Movie vs. TV as an Origin Point (00:25:32)

    The Format (00:30:38)

    More About Kurtzman (00:45:53)

    The Development Process: What to Expect (00:51:26)

    Launching in the Age of Social Media (00:58:19)

    The Great Distribution Controversy (01:14:47)

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