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  1. Beating Back Burnout with Clark Gaither | The Productivityist Podcast: A Time Management and Personal Productivity Talk Show

    If you’ve ever faced burnout, then this discussion I have with Dr. Clark Gaither is definitely for you.

    Dr. Gaither is a family physician, author, speaker, blogger, corporate consultant, personal life coach, and an expert on Job Related Burnout. His latest book on this topic, REIGNITE, was released in March 2018.

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  2. The Bullet Journal Method with Ryder Carroll | The Productivityist Podcast: A Time Management and Personal Productivity Talk Show

    Have you ever wanted to hear the story of how one of the most popular productivity methodologies came to be? Then you’ll enjoy this episode as I’m joined by the creator of the incredibly popular Bullet Journal, Ryder Carroll. Ryder is also the author of the book – his first – The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future which goes deeper into the Bullet Journal phenomenon (as do we during our discussion).

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  3. How to Build a Company of One with Paul Jarvis | The Productivityist Podcast: A Time Management and Personal Productivity Talk Show

    On this episode I speak with my good friend and author of Company of One, Paul Jarvis. I’ve known Paul for years and am elated to finally have him appear on the show to talk about staying small and how to build a company of one.

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  4. DON’T LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE | Money Lab with Matt Giovanisci

    Are you a rule breaker? Do you blindly follow the pack? Would you jump off a bridge if I told you to? This is an episode about not listening to us…or anyone. Instead of practicing hero worship, look towards yourself. Stop taking advice from others and trust your gut when it comes to your own business. Everything is an experiment. And nobody has a secret sauce to help you with your business. Just because someone is giving you advice, doesn’t mean they’re right. Listen to yourself. Trust the numbers. Do what works for you and your business. What works for you might not work for someone else. That’s what Andrew and I are discussing on this episode. Enjoy!

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  5. The Hustle & Flowchart Podcast: How To Achieve Massive Success In Whatever You Do - Marx Acosta-Rubio

    From millionaire to decamillionaire to broke and back again in a whole new way and faster than ever - those are some of the credentials that may get you interested in listening to what our guest Marx Acosta-Rubio has to say. Today’s podcast was filled to the max by Marx. We’re not exaggerating when we say we could have gone on for at least twice as long in just this episode. Who doesn’t appreciate a story of a fall from grace to a stunning Phoenix-like rebirth?   With so much actionable mindset advice based on his own experience, it’s no wonder he’s got a bevy of GTD-ers lining up to take his 90-day challenge. As we listened to his business savvy around setting priorities, following the 80/20 principle and thriving in business, when Marx offered, we jumped at the chance to enroll in the challenge ourselves. We’re so busy these days getting out of our own way, we can’t imagine what’s next. This is a buckle down kind of episode. You may want to mark this one off in your schedule so you have enough time to take notes and develop a plan of action with all the takeaways hiding inside. If you like some of what Marx has to say, be sure to check out these past episodes

    with James Schramko and

    Christy Whitman that really hit home about gaining clarity, taking aligned action and abundance. You’re only one, two or three moves away from greatness or disaster.” - Marx Acosta-Rubio The reason I can have 14 clients and multiple companies…and still look like I’m doing nothing is because I know everything I’m not doing when I choose to do something…” - Marx Acosta-Rubio Some Topics We Discussed Include:

    How to get a Ph.D. in life Blue Eyes Ryan is a lurker. Who’d of guessed it? Ways to lose at life that begin with “b” and rhyme with “aim” How to go from being a name dropper to not even a cricket whisperer in 3 decisions Why you’ll never unhook the chains of self-sabotage unless you make this a regular practice Four un-delegatable tasks every entrepreneur who seeks success must acknowledge Two situations when your wife can call you a dumb-a@# and you’re happy about it (The name is D-u-m-a-s-s)! Anybody know what a GTD is? Riddle us this…What is it about your habits that’s holding you back? Is V2GP2 a new Star Wars character? The clearest path to twice the happiness and wealth in half the time Your secret weapon to make roadblocks negligible The true answer to the rarest commodity on the planet How to make a horse, water, and a 90-day challenge work in harmony Here’s why you’ve been doing the 80/20 principle all wrong Serving up, brain dump for one…Be sure to do this when two or more join forces You’ve got the what to do, now what about the how? Surrender or subconscious? Are you a kitty cat or the relentless guy trying to buy that “hot chick” drinks when it comes to setting business goals?   Matt gets his mind blown by the fluidity of a “context” The trick to taking action from all those books you read What is useless without emotion behind it? How “organic” and “natural” are keys to a better prioritization It’s not about ignoring the weeds but shifting how you let the presence of weeds affect you Why a “purposeful” morning self-care ritual may actually hamper your creativity and intuition What in the world is egoscue? Why you shouldn’t follow 80/20 all the time (Did you stop listening? We’ll tell you at the 80% done mark). What a Samurai and a successful entrepreneur have in common Three is the magic number How going fractal hits you in the wallet Avoid the, “You’re broken. It’s not your fault. Let me help you fix it.” book at all costs On becoming the protagonist in your own life story How following the GTD system can finally get clarity on your North Star

    Contact Marx Acosta-Rubio:

    Get in touch on Marx’s website Find Marx  on LinkedIn Follow Marx on Twitter

    References and Links Mentioned:

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    The Breakthrough Principle of 16x-Richard Koch

    The Trick to Money is Having Some by Stuart Wilde

    The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

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    Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson Steven Snyder’s speed reading method Motivational expert Tony Robbins W Clemen Stone the father of P.M.A. Brian Bradly’s Egoscue Method OmniFocus task management software Wunderlist task list software Lotus Notes software Evernote software

    Hustle & Flowchart Masterclass #72 with Christy Whitman

    Hustle & Flowchart Masterclass #49 with James Schramko Learn how to systemize, grow and scale your business and still have time to enjoy life when you apply to work with us

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  6. The Gently Mad: Life, Business & Entrepreneurship without the BS | Justin Jackson on Therapy for Entrepreneurs, Ego, and Coming Back from the Bottom | Episode 69

    Adam and Justin talk about everything from parenting, to business building, to the things that hold us back as entrepreneurs, to why every entrepreneur should have a therapist, and literally everything you could imagine in-between.

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  7. How To Read a Business Book | Manager Tools

    Our guidance on how to read a business book.

    Every week there are hundreds of new business books released, each backed by a sophisticated marketing machine. How do you decide which ones are worth reading, and how do you get the most out of them?

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  8. TAGP62 Steve Olsher :TEDx:Career:Personal Branding:Life Coach:Purpose Driven Life — The App Guy

    In this episode, I interview Steve Olsher Author of What Is Your What. Steve’s appeared on CNN, Fox Business, ABC, NBC,, The Huffington Post, Mancow Muller’s radio show, The Jim Bohannon radio show, and more than 300 other media outlets. Now, Steve gives up his time to give us ideas on how we can learn to live.

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  9. Unlearning Everything You Know About Business with David Heinemeier Hansson

    In this episode of the Unmistakable Creative, Basecamp Co-Founder David Heinemmer Hanson talks about unlearning everything that we know about business. HIGHLIGHTS: How being a blog reader lead to becoming the co-founder of a company The power of exposing yourself to the right group of people Why we can’t necessarily predict the the future based on our pastLeveraging a deep seated mistrust of authority to your advantageThe danger of misapplying patterns where the context does not match Breaking our cultural conditioning that keeps us from reaching from our true potential Why effort and output are not proportionate The myth that straight A’s leads to successLearning to look at our work with no regrets Why the modern workplace is an interruption factoryThe intrinsic flow that comes from doing work we liveQUOTESI’ve learned the most important thing for my happiness is to define my own parameters of successYou make terrible decisions on an empty stomach BOOKS ReworkRemote: Office Not Required"David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails, founder & CTO at Basecamp(formerly 37signals), best-selling author, Le Mans class-winning racing driver, public speaker, hobbyist photographer, and family man.

    Originally aired 21 days ago.

    Download Podcast(right click ⇒ save as)

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  10. Play in new window

    Plantpowered ultra-athlete & Rich Roll talks with fellow bestselling author, podcast host & entrepreneur James Altucher on why you should "Choose Yourself."

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