#73: Tmux with Brian Hogan and Josh Clayton - The Changelog

Wynn sat down with Brian Hogan and Josh Clayton to talk about tmux, dotfiles, and the joys of text mode.

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Items mentioned in the show:

Brian Hogan speaker, trainer, and author of _Tmux: Productive, Mouse Free development, out now from PragProg.

Josh Clayton is a developer at Thoughtbot.

Factory Girl – fixture replacement for Ruby.

tmux is a terminal multiplexer similar to GNU screen.

tmuxinator helps you manage tmux sessions.

taskpaper.vim – Vim interface for Taskpaper.

Josh’s dotfiles are extensive.

A patch to reattach to user namespace in tmux.

Palette lets you write Vim color schemes with Ruby

Evergreen – Run Jasmine JavaScript unit tests, integrate them into Ruby applications

The latest iTerm2 ships with tmux integration.

tslime.vim is a simple vim script to send portion of text from a vim buffer to a

running tmux session.

vim-turbux – Ruby testing with tmux.

Justin Smestad turned Wynn onto tmux for pair programming.

Derick Bailey from Watch Me Code.

pair.io gives you a one-button, collaboration-friendly dev environment for your GitHub repo.

Jesse Dearing is the unnamed “DevOps guy” at Pure Charity.

Thoughtbot has a company-wide dotfiles repo.

Josh rolls his own Vim setup with Tim Pope’s pathogen.

Brian uses TTYtter, is a terminal-based Twitter client, Wynn uses Earthquake.

Josh likes irrsi for IRC.

Brian likes Alpine over mutt for mail.

Search GitHub for “tmux.conf.”

Zach Holman says dotfiles are meant to be forked.

Zach’s own dotfiles.

Yan Pritzker’s dotfiles are opinionated.

Josh says that if you don’t think your dotfiles are the best out there, you’re doing it wrong. (29:55)

Joe Ferris at Thoughtbot inspired Josh’s dotfiles.

Brian and Josh say Janus and oh-my-zsh are great to get started, but you need to understand your dotfiles.

Wynn uses this shell function to list colors to put into his tmux config.

Dotshare is web site to share dotfile configs plus screenshots.

Pianobar is text-based command line interface for Pandora.

Wynn uses shell.fm for Last.fm.

Be sure and check out the Tmux Crash Course.

NEW: Humans Present: tmux a Thoughtbot Workshop.

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