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    Creative productivity is about mind management, not time management. You have to get into the right mental state to be creative. And you need to have your brain stocked with the knowledge it takes to solve the creative problem at hand. Want to 4x your creative output? Click here for my free toolkit » I

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    Mark McGuinness (@markmcguinness) is a creative coach, a poet, and a former psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art, calls Mark an “overeducated Brit who thinks deeply about stuff you and I have never heard of.” Mark is the host of the 21st Century Creative Podcast (my interview on Mark’s podcast). On

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  3. Maximilian Büsser | Episode 26

    This week we sit down with one of the watch industry’s most humble and thoughtful figures who’s also making some of its wildest timepieces.

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  4. Basecamp CEO Jason Fried on overfunded startups and stressful workplaces — Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher — Overcast

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  5. Focused #65: Hyperfocused with Chris Bailey - Relay FM

    Author and productivity experimenter Chris Bailey joins us to share ideas and strategies for getting your focus on.

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  6. Beating Back Burnout with Clark Gaither | The Productivityist Podcast: A Time Management and Personal Productivity Talk Show

    If you’ve ever faced burnout, then this discussion I have with Dr. Clark Gaither is definitely for you.

    Dr. Gaither is a family physician, author, speaker, blogger, corporate consultant, personal life coach, and an expert on Job Related Burnout. His latest book on this topic, REIGNITE, was released in March 2018.

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  7. The Bullet Journal Method with Ryder Carroll | The Productivityist Podcast: A Time Management and Personal Productivity Talk Show

    Have you ever wanted to hear the story of how one of the most popular productivity methodologies came to be? Then you’ll enjoy this episode as I’m joined by the creator of the incredibly popular Bullet Journal, Ryder Carroll. Ryder is also the author of the book – his first – The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future which goes deeper into the Bullet Journal phenomenon (as do we during our discussion).

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  8. How to Build a Company of One with Paul Jarvis | The Productivityist Podcast: A Time Management and Personal Productivity Talk Show

    On this episode I speak with my good friend and author of Company of One, Paul Jarvis. I’ve known Paul for years and am elated to finally have him appear on the show to talk about staying small and how to build a company of one.

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  9. 310 - Dr. James Lewis - Understanding ADHD - Smart People Podcast

    This episode, we speak with Dr. James Lewis. Dr. Lewis’ clinical and research interest focuses on the treatment and prevention of school problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and behavior and learning problems.

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  10. 314 - Mark Manson - Experience Growth and Fulfillment - Smart People Podcast

    We speak with Mark Manson. Mark is a New York Times bestselling author, a blogger, and internet entrepreneur. He often writes about what he considers to be life’s most important topics: happiness, self-knowledge, habits, and relationships.

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