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  1. E4: David Sparks, The Way I Work

    “Keep your eyes open. Your career can be a fun adventure. If you go into it with a generally positive attitude, and are willing to shift and pivot when you need to, you’re going to have a good time.”

    — David Sparks In this episode we speak with David Sparks of about his path to becoming an attorney, start

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  2. The Birth of UNIX with Brian Kernighan - CoRecursive Podcast

    When you work on your computer, there are so many things you take for granted: operating systems, programming languages, they all have to come from somewhere. In the late 1960s and 1970s, that somewhere was Bell Labs, and the operating system they were building was UNIX. They were building more than just an operating system […]

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  3. Designing Your Work Life to Thrive with Authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans #185 - Aaron McHugh

    Dave Evans and Bill Burnett are designers at heart. Early in their careers, they designed for companies like Apple. Today, as Life Designers, they show people how to get off […]

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  4. Tobi Lutke – Building a Modern Business – [Invest Like the Best, EP.173]

    My guest today is Tobi Lutke, the co-founder and CEO of Shopify.  This is both a timely and evergreen conversation.  Timely, as the world as moved aggressively digital in the past two months, and Shopify powers so much of digital commerce.  Evergreen, because while we touch on Covid and the Shopify business, this is much more a conversation on business and personal principles, learning, design, and growth. Tobi is one of the CEO’s I look up to most for the type of company he is building and for the way he conducts himself.  We discuss business focus, why video games help you learn the power of attention, what design means for products and organizations, and much more. Please enjoy my conversation with Tobi Lutke. 

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    Show Notes

    (2:35) – (First question) – The launch of the new Shopify shop app

    (2:44) – Deniel Ek Podcast Episode 

    (2:45) – Jeff Lawson Podcast Episode

    (4:56) – Having the right focus and growing a good business

    (9:06) – Marketplace business model vs the merchant driven business model

    9:16 – Bill Gurley Podcast Appearances – 162 | 144 | 137

    (11:47) – His role as a decisionmaker as CEO of the company 

    (14:07) – What does he mean when he talks about quality

    (18:28) – His thinking on design and quality 

    (18:32) – Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

    (19:59) – The Design of Everyday Things

    (21:06) – Friction as a force in business and manufacturing

    (26:04) – His thoughts on systems and being free of process

    (26:08) – The Systems Bible

     (30:01) – The game of Factoria and how it relates to systems

    (32:16) – Transfer Learning

    (34:33) – What Real-Time Strategy games have taught Tobi

    (38:30) – Building context inside of a company and making it scale

    (41:17) – Personality typing 

    (46:22) – The Tobi Blueprint

    (46:04) – Why he likes The Guide to the Good Life and stoicism

    (55:38) – Raising kids and the impact of Covid

    (1:03:16) – Kindest thing anyone has done for Tobi

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  5. 314: Dissecting the Emotional Distress Syndrome of ADHD with James Ochoa — Nikki Kinzer • Take Control ADHD

    When we first read his book,  Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD , we became fast fans of James Ochoa. He writes candidly about his experience living with ADHD, struggling with ADHD, overcoming the hurdles of ADHD. But beyond that, he’s a counselor himself, working with th

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