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  1. 36 Seconds That Changed Everything – How the iPhone Learned to Talk

    How the iPhone Learned to Talk

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  2. Abnormal Mapping 89: Chrono Trigger — Abnormal Mapping

    From the mists of time we finally move on from Final Fantasy to other

    classic JRPGs as we play everyone’s favorite time travel adventure Chrono

    Trigger. What delights do we find in the ATB 2.0? How do we feel about

    silent protagonists in 2019? What makes a game beloved and what makes an

    old game worth revisiting if one was to go back? All time compresses into

    an hour and a half of adventure in this, the episode with (if nothing else)

    the really really good music.

    Things Discussed: Stadia, breaking up tech companies, Apple games, the

    modern video game crash, Ouya, Phantasy Star, Em’s Dark Souls 2 LP, Souls

    and Soulslikes, Chrono Trigger

    This Month’s Game Club:

    Chrono Trigger

    Next Month’s Game Club: 

    Titanfall 2

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  3. The Into the Spider-Verse Animator Commentary Track is Here! – On Animation

    Time to put on your behind the scenes glasses and dive into the Spider-Verse one more time! The animation team behind the Academy Award winning, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, have re-assembled (after some well earned time off) to reminisce and share insight into the animation process. Want to know who animated your favourite shots? Curious…

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  4. Go Back and Play: Episode 42 - Myst

    Nate, Sebastian, and David are joined by special guest Em (of Abnormal Mapping) to discuss Cyan’s seminal adventure game MYST. We talk about escape rooms, linking books, abandoned places, and terrible FMV acting.    SHOW NOTES: Em’s playthrough of Myst: Abnormal Mapping (support their Patreon!): 

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  5. Insomniacs in the Morning - Episode 1

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  6. Ep. 44: “The Story of Lola” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann

    The Problem: Patiently spanking a long line of dirty little elves.

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