Agile & Scrum - What Doesn’t Work | Allen Holub In The Engineering Room Ep. 9

Allen Holub is a computer scientist, author, educator, and consultant. He has written extensively on the C, C++, and Java programming languages, and on object-oriented programming in general. Allen is well known for his uncompromising view of agile adoption and in particular the assumption that Scrum is the only agile approach. In the past he has said “Jira is the work of the devil” and “Agile has become a priesthood”. Allen is engagingly forthright in his views.

In this episode of The Engineering Room, Dave Farley discusses with Allen the prevailing culture, and often anti-patterns, that lead to problems in agile adoption, and between them, they explore some of the ideas that really matter in becoming genuinely agile, as a practical way to more effective software development.

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