An Inside Look At eBay’s Software Practices

eBay are one of the big famous web companies, but in their own words, they lag behind leaders in the industry in their software engineering approach. In recent years they have started work on changing that and moving to a Continuous Delivery approach. So what is working at eBay like? What do DevOps and Continuous Delivery look like at eBay scale? This episode is an inside look into software development at eBay, and the changes, and improvements, that the “Velocity Program” has made. How do you move a legacy organisation and system, that wasn’t designed with Continuous Delivery in mind, to a modern CD-focused org?

In this episode, Dave Farley, author of Continuous Delivery, CD Pipelines and Modern Software Engineering, explores the changes that eBay have made, their impact, and what they have learned from the experience so far.



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