The Judgment Call Podcast Episode #58 – Aubrey de Grey (Can we finally reverse aging ‘forever’?!)

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In this episode of the Judgment Call Podcast – Aubrey de Grey and I talk about:

00:02:16 How Aubrey de Grey got into the ‘longevity research‘ in the first place? 00:07:01 How Aubrey got the confidence to put a precise year to the ‘end of aging’. 00:12:01 What were the biggest obstacles to overcome in persuading the public that ‘aging can be ended’ 00:13:30 Was setting up a money price for the extension of the lifespan of mice a good idea? 00:21:10 Why the longevity industry is burgeoning at the seams suddenly? 00:25:09 Will the benefit of an extended lifespan be equally available to a large part of the population? 00:31:01 Once aging is solved will we see a population of 100 billion on earth? 00:34:50 How Aubrey envisions life ‘past the Singularity’? 00:38:30 How will our brains react to aging? Are there any drugs that we can use right now that may delay aging? 00:42:01 Is the the FDA to blame for the slow innovation in the healthcare industry? Has COVID changed the regulatory environment?

Aubrey de Grey is the Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation. He has been an evangelist of longevity research for decades. He is also the author of ‘E…

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