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  1. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 22: Liz Carroll (Fiddle)

    The creative process; competitive fiddling; trying people on for size; listening for the rhythm of a session; and playing without expectations.

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  2. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 20: Jim Dalton (Mandolin, banjo)

    Leaving Ireland, foundry work, Cardiff sessions and leaving your banjo at home. Oh, and Bush Bands, mandolins and marches.

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  3. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 18: Tony O’Rourke (Banjo, guitar)

    The consolations of melody, Johnny Connolly’s melodeon, the invention of white-out and The Monkees.

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  4. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 12: John Carty

    Banjo in Irish music, where "the session" was born, musical accents and so much more. While in Drogheda to receive The Flanagan Brothers’ Award, John Carty stopped past Darren’s Mam and Dad’s to sit down, chat and play us some tunes.

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  5. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 5: Maggie Carty

    Maggie Carty plays a few tunes and chats about being immersed in the music all her life, custodianship, and the musicians that made the biggest impact on her playing.

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  6. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 6: Daoirí Farrell

    From the Prodigy to Pat Rainey, Daoirí Farrell chats about how music changed his life forever.

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  7. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 4: Mary MacNamara & Eileen O’Brien

    "Nobody listens! Nobody. They think they’re listening, but they’re not actually listening."

    Recorded live at the National Celtic Festival in Portarlington, two of Irelands greatest traditional players share their love of the music, teaching and the art of listening.

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  8. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 9: Kevin Burke

    A boy in post war London, learning the fiddle from Ms. Christopherson, bumping into Joe Burke at JFK after failing to get Arlo Guthrie’s phone number from Directory Enquiries, and so much more. This was delightful. Have a listen.

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  9. Within a Mile of Dublin – Series 2 – episode 1

    Within a Mile of Dublin: Songs and Tunes Live from the Irish Traditional Music Archive (itma) is a 3-part live radio broadcast from the history-rich surrounds of the Georgian home on Merrion Square of the itma. Join itma and Near FM for a series of a performances and interviews that focus on bringing the archival collections at itma to life. Here we present the series again as a listen again/podcast option.

    Episode 1

    The first programme in our second series of  Within a Mile of Dublin  focuses on the Goodman Collection, bringing together conversation, song, and music to show how the work of a 19th-century collector continues to shape the practices of musicians in the 21st century.


    Miriam O’Donovan, singer

    Mick O’Brien, pipes

    Lisa Shields, speaker

    Near FM/itma Production Team

    Producer/sound – Paul Loughran, Sound Tech/ Research – Brian Doyle, Presenter/research – Ken Tuohy, Researcher – Maeve Gebruers, Floor Manager – Dorothee Meyer Holtkamp, Technical manager – Gay Graham, Production support – Gary Kirwan, Glen Caulwell.

    This series is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television licence fee.

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  10. Ep 223 Fair Plé to the “Lovely Girls” of Trad & Folk Music

    Waking the Feminists shone a light on the representation of women in Irish theatre. Now, women in Irish traditional and folk music are trying to address the gender imbalance across their sector through the Fair Plé initiative. It began with a meeting at the Cobblestone pub in Dublin and two of the women who were there that night – harpist Una Monaghan and singer Pauline Scanlon –speak to Róisín Ingle on today’s podcast and perform the song My Dearest Dear. This Saturday Fair Plé events are taking place around the world as part of a day of action, ahead of a showcase event at the Cork Midsummer Festival on June 16.

    For more information go to

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