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  1. Jeffrey Veen – Designing our way through data | Web Directions

    The hype around Web 2.0 continues to increase to the point of absurdity. We hear all about a rich web of data, but what can we learn from these trends to actually apply to our designs? You’ll take a tour through the past, present, and future of the web to answer these questions and more:

    * What can we learn from the rich history of data visualization to inform our designs today?
    * How can we do amazing work while battle the constant constraints we find ourselves up against?
    * How do we really incorporate users into our practice of user experience?

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  2. Zeldman

    "Recorded and streamed LIVE! on October 29th, Episode 41 is CreativeXpert’s inagural live show. We were truly blessed to have the ‘High Z’ himself—Jeffery Zeldman and the only ‘Unstoppablerobotninja’ we know, Ethan Marcotte join us to discuss Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition.

    To bring an interactive twist to the event, we were also joined by the creator of the Design Community Twitter Hours (@DCTH), Chad Engle with some questions from the DCTH community."

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  3. SitePoint Podcast #36: Don’t Feed the Trolls

    ## Episode Summary

    Here are the topics covered in this episode:

    ### The SitePoint Podcast’s One Year Anniversary!

    • SitePoint Podcast #1: The Economy (SitePoint)

    ### Farewell Dan Schulz

    • Dan Schulz RIP – We Will Miss You (SitePoint)

    ### Five Years of Firefox

    • Happy 5th Birthday Firefox! (SitePoint)
    • Five Years of Firefox (Spread Firefox)
    • The First-to-Market Myth (37signals)
    • SitePoint Podcast #18: Internet Explorer 8 … Percent? (SitePoint)
    • What is a Browser? Google Explains (SitePoint)

    ### Google Closure Tools

    • Google Releases its JavaScript Closure Tools (SitePoint)
    • Introducing Closure Tools (Google)
    • Your JavaScript Library (Dmitry Baranovskiy)
    • Google Closure: How Not to Write JavaScript (SitePoint)

    ### Dealing with Trolls

    • How to Deal with Trolls on Your Blog (SitePoint)
    • Patrick’s comment on “You decide: how do you deal with that vicious commenter on your site?” (The Guardian)
    • Wisdom of Community: Four Kinds of Crazy (Derek Powazek)

    ### WebKit Enhances Safari’s Developer Tools

    • Web Inspector Updates (Surfin’ Safari)

    ### Installing PHP on Windows with Web PI

    • Installing PHP on Windows Just Got Easier (SitePoint)
    • Web Platform Installer (Microsoft)

    ### Host Spotlights:

    • Brad: WordCamp New York
    • Patrick: CollegeHumor Live: NYC – Kumail Nanjiani
    • Kevin: Video: CSS Frameworks – Make the Right Choice

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