Fighting Hate From Home | Fighting Racism as a Multiracial Jewish Community

Please join us for a timely discussion on fighting racism as a multiracial Jewish Community with Ilana Kaufman, Executive Director of the Jews of Color Field Building Initiative, Gamal Palmer, Schusterman Fellow 2019, Ginna Green, political consultant and strategist, and ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed horrifying acts of police brutality targeting Black lives, coupled with insidious racism that continues to underpin our country’s systems and structures, all on the heels of a global pandemic. But let’s be clear – the violent racism we are witnessing now has always existed in this country. This moment and many before it demand dedicated focus and resources to actively address and fight racism. Listen in to hear from our panel of experts and influencers on Jewish diversity, racial equity, and the role of Jewish leaders, institutions, and communities in serving and supporting our entire multiracial community. Hear what that means in particular for Black community members and why we must unequivocally say Black Lives Matter, and Black Jewish Lives Matter.

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