Axons and Axioms Episode 3- The Matrix Revolutions [Brain in a Vat]

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  1. Philosophy Bites

    Barry C. Smith on Neuroscience — Philosophers of mind have traditionally introspected sitting alone in their rooms. Now new developments in neuroscience are producing surprising results, some of which are relevant to philosophy. Phenomena such as blind sight and mirror neurones suggest that we would be foolish to decide what is possible a priori.

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  2. Philosophy and the Matrix - Baudrillard

    Documentry about philosophy in the matrix movies - Baudrillard

    This clip is taken from the documentary 'Return to the Source - Philosophy and the Matrix' See it in full length here

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  3. All I’m Offering is the Truth | The Philosophy of the Matrix

    The Matrix, a science fiction film created by the Wachowskis, is probably one of the most influential movies ever made. The story starts when computer programmer Thomas Anderson, operating as a hacker under the alias “Neo,” discovers the truth about the world he’s living in, as he becomes aware of the existence of something known as “The Matrix.”

    The Matrix is considered a philosophical film that contains many existing philosophical and religious themes, like prophecy, love, truth, karma, the nature of reality, and living in a simulation. But there seems to be a particularly close connection between The Matrix and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

    This video (All I’m Offering Is The Truth | The Philosophy of the Matrix) is a philosophical analysis of the Matrix film. It analyses The Matrix through the lens of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave while exploring the following question: do we, as human beings, actually want the truth?

    Please note: this video contains spoilers that reveal the plot.

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  4. Partially Examined Life — Episode 2: Descartes’s Meditations: What Can We Know?

    Discussing Descartes’s Meditations 1 and 2.

    Descartes engages in the most influential navel gazing ever, and you are there! In this second and superior-to-the-first installment of our lil’ philosophy discussion, we discuss what Descartes thinks he knows with certainty (hint: it is not you), the Matrix, and Mark and Wes agree to disagree about agreeing that they disagree. Seth had a long day and is very tired. Plus: Some listener feedback; whom is this here podcast aimed at? Why, you, of course!

    To increase your enjoyment, download and read the text.

    Here, also, is the Descartes chunk of Philosophy and the Matrix that Seth refers to.

    End song: “Axiomatic” by New People from The Easy Thing (2009).

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  5. Axons and Axioms Episode 2- Judgment Day [Free Will]

    A growing body of research in cognitive neuroscience seems to be suggesting that the concept of free will may be nothing but an illusion. It’s fair to say that both Tim and Derek think neuroscience might one day show that human actions, much like other events, are caused by nothing more than previous events and the laws of nature. This is the philosophical position known as ‘determinism.’ Where the A&A hosts disagree is whether this kind of determinism is threatening to free will (at least to the kinds of free will we are usually concerned with) or if the two might be compatible.

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