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  1. MVMA vs. State Farm oral argument


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  2. Episode 46: Gary Johnson, Angel Olsen, and a Bee Stylist | The New Yorker

    Gary Johnson talks guns and marijuana, dead bees are beautified, and the actor Reed Birney reads a Donald Barthelme short story.

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  3. Skewed Sampling Persists in St. Louis Lead Contamination Testing | KBIA

    The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has turned the national spotlight on lead risks in drinking water across the country. That spotlight has exposed

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  4. Funeral Homes Often Make Pricing Confusing To Consumers : NPR

    An NPR investigation finds the death care industry can often be confusing and unhelpful to consumers who must make high-priced decisions at a time of grief and financial stress.

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  5. Soaring Skies - Latino USA

    Jose Sainz, a master kite maker and flyer from San Diego talks to Jocelyn Frank about his fascination with the majesty and power of the wind.

    Click here to download this week’s show.

    Jocelyn Frank is an independent radio journalist, sound artist and musician. She’s produced and reported internationally for NPR and BBC Radio 4 and helped to develop and launch the successful UK-facing BBC Radio program Americana. She’s the creative director of Voices of Health; an audio project that documents the stories of DC residents living with HIV and AIDS. Voices of Health can be heard online and through listening stations installed in public spaces across the District of Columbia.

    Here’s a video of Jose flying his kites:


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  6. Patients Seek Out Alternatives To Opioids In Treatment Of Chronic Pain : NPR

    Opioids are often considered mandatory for treatment of chronic pain, but many patients would prefer an alternative. Doctors say those alternatives may also work better in some cases.

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  7. Because Science | Because Science | Wisconsin Public Radio

    "Because Science" is an extension of WPR’s popular "Central Time" science segment and produced in partnership with "Discover" magazine. Host Veronica Rueckert showcases the most compelling stories from the world of science.

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  8. Racism On College Campuses | Wisconsin Public Radio

    A letter to the UW-Madison campus community from the outgoing Chair of the Student Council made t

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  9. This woman has been stuck in Korea for three years trying to get home to the US | Public Radio International

    Her adoptive parents never filed the paperwork to make her a US citizen. So Kim Craig fell through the cracks. And now she finds herself stuck in Korea after a visit, unable to get back to the US.


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  10. Episode 18: Laura Wachs

    Not every adoption story is the same. Some adoptees struggle within their adoptive families out of neglect, of not feeling loved or a sense of belonging. Adoptees who return to Korea to live often face other issues too: of confronting their relinquishment and grief over biological parents. Korean-American adoptee Laura Wachs, 28, shares her story, and of how poetry has given her the strength to now help others who are also trying to make sense of their own meaning of family.

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