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  1. Can Colombia turn peace into economic prosperity? - Marketplace

    (Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … Shares in European and Asian car companies have stalled after the U.S. raised the prospect of applying import tariffs on national security grounds. We ask economist David Bailey what's next. Then, Deutsche Bank is cutting 7,000 jobs as the bank's new chief executive vows to go back to basics. And, after half a century of civil war, Colombians are still struggling with the country's slow economic recovery. We explore the region's issues ahead of this weekend's election. Finally, what has a Japanese household goods company done to upset the Chinese government? (05/24/2018).

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  2. Nearly 1 million Venezuelans find refuge from economic crisis in Colombia - Marketplace

    Colombia has granted legal status to the undocumented migrants, who will be permitted to work and apply for permanent residency. Also, British supermarkets in the European Union face major supply problems because of post-Brexit rules on imports from the U.K.

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  3. Colombia elects its first left-wing president - Marketplace

    From the BBC World Service: Gustavo Petro, a former rebel fighter and now the president-elect of Colombia, has promised real economic change after winning 55% of the vote in Sunday's election. A team from the International Monetary Fund has arrived in Sri Lanka and will begin talks today on the country's dire economic crisis. In central Africa, there are fears that uncontrolled development is endangering one of the world's largest peatlands – boggy territory that captures billions of tons of carbon dioxide.

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