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  1. Can Jelly Donuts Be Fixed? - The Sporkful -

    Listeners call in with food issues… The perimeter of a jelly donut is devoid of fruity goodness, while the epicenter is a blob of jelly mess, says listener Larry in New York. Dan thinks he has the solution. Barbara and Bruce clash over how to dissect a corn muffin. Can they find muffin peace in their marriage? Plus, Matt calls in to talk about pancake toppings, then realizes his issues run much deeper. It’s been a long week. Join us for a break!//

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  2. Conversations with Tyler: Rachel Harmon on Policing

    Long before becoming a legal scholar focused on police reform, Rachel Harmon studied engineering at MIT and graduate philosophy at LSE. “You could call it a random walk,” she says, “or you could say that I’m really interested in the structure of things.” But despite her experience and training, even she can’t identify a single point of leverage that can radically reform the complicated system of policing in America. “We have been struggling with balancing the harms and benefits of policing since we started contemporary departments, so I don’t think that we’re going to suddenly fix this by flipping one lever.” She joined Tyler to discuss the best ideas for improving policing, including why good data on policing is so hard to come by, why body cams are not a panacea, the benefits and costs of consolidating police departments, why more female cops won’t necessarily reduce the use of force, how federal programs can sometimes misfire, where changing police selection criteria would and wouldn’t help, whether some policing could be replaced by social workers, the sobering frequency of sexual assaults by police, how a national accreditation system might improve police conduct, what reformers can learn from Camden and elsewhere, and more. They close by discussing the future of law schools, what she learned clerking under Guido Calabresi and Stephen Breyer, why she’s drawn to kickboxing and triathlons, and what two things she looks for in a young legal scholar. Follow us on

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  3. 202. The Story With Joshua Schachter | Internet History Podcast on Acast

    Joshua Schachter, founder of, is someone I’ve wanted to talk to from the very first day of this podcast. As we’ll discuss, was such a standard bearer of the web 2.0 era. Of user generated content. Of sharing long before Facebook or Twitter or any of that. If my email chain is to be believed, this episode has been four years in the making, and I’m glad Josh and I found the time to do this episode and bring the podcast back. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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