Lene R. Andersen “The irony of postmodernism is the deconstruction of everything, except the market”

Morphosis is an ambition to rewrite the story of the relevant company and redefine companies role in society. On our journey, we, Petra Trobäck and Lina Fogelberg, talk to people who in one way or the other challenge status quo and existing truths and beliefs. Today we meet Lene Rachel Andersen, author, publisher, economist, futurist and philosopher. Lene is co-founder of the Copenhagen based think tank Nordic Bildung.

We have a conversation about our society as a jungle gym where the ones climbing the highest win, tech companies almost religious faith in the market and metamodernity as an alternative framework for our existence as humans.

Original video: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-479368913/leneandersen
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